What To Do About Changing Libido During Menopause?

Intimacy, sexuality and relationship are taken for granted during the early years of marriage. This period is characterized by great sexual activity when you are so engrossed in making babies, feeding them and fulfiling your family obligations. As such, when menopause strikes, you as a woman, are taken unawares and certainly not prepared for the consequences.

Extreme emotional and physical changes occur during the menopause. The body is always fatigued while tempers may run amock. Besides, you inadvertently gain weight and gets fuller. Worse still, your reproductive organs may suffer from inflammation, thinning and dryness. All these factors conspire to make you uncomfortable and the last thing you would think about is ops… having sex.

You may already experience such occurrences and noticed your low libido and sexual apathy. Don’t give up just yet. Here are ways to tame your changing libido during the menopause.

Virginal atrophy: During menopause, the secretion of estrogen is reduced. This important hormone controls your sexual desire and prepares you for sex. However, inadequate supply may lead to vaginal dryness, vaginal atrophy as well as lack of sexual arousal. Another symptom of low estrogen is night flushes and insomnia.

You may struggle to get upbeat, but even when you try to get into the action, you stand to suffer from a painful intercourse. These emotional and physical experiences may force you to resent sex altogether. Luckily, there are many remedies for this issue ranging from virginal cream, tablets and other lubricants.

Give sex a chance: Getting into the grove is setting the mood right. As with all endeavors, effort must be put into a rewarding sexual activity. Even with the advent of the menopause - coupled with its drawbacks, nothing should interfere with your intimacy.

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That’s why you need a consistent work to make it tick. Scheduling quality time as a preparation for your intimacy is one such act. By giving priority to your sexual activities, you will soon attune your body to heightened libido.

Consult sex experts: Getting professional help is another way of dealing with libido changes during menopause. Given that symptom of menopause manifested in many facets, it's worth seeking an expert examination.

Discussing your changing body patterns and their effects on your sexuality could provide the necessary solution. Sex therapies are well versed in such situations, having been consulted by many patients previously. As such, they are well placed to offer appropriate and trusted solution.

Get Intimate: Perhaps the best way to deal with your changing libido during menopause is to get tight with your partner. Close intimacy is the starter to your five-course meal. Besides setting the environment for a passionate intercourse, it triggers sexual arousal and strong libido that is needed to wade through to the other side.

This is why the subtle looks, the occasional hugs, the surprise kisses must always find their ways in between your busy schedules.

Now you are in the know. It’s wise to remember that libido is always changing. Even during menopause, what matters most is how you manage it. The road to a sexual fulfilment is in your hands – seize it.

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