Vaginal Conditions: How They Affect Your Sexual Life

The vagina is a very independent and robust female organ. Not only does it self-clean itself, but it also sends signals about its health condition. And this is why you as a woman needs to understand your anatomy down there. There are ideal vaginal situations which need not alarm you, but then there are incidences that demand urgent medical attention once they occur.

A small white odorless discharge occurring every alternate day does not warrant any attention. This is a normal vaginal lubrication which cleanses the vaginal cavities and gets rid of the dead cells as well as the unwanted microorganism. Then there’s the normal menstrual process which occurs every month, discharging shed eggs and blood if no fertilization happens.


But then there are other peculiar conditions that occur sporadically and are associated with heavy bleeding, pain, itchiness, discomfort and foul smell. These conditions include bacterial vaginosis, vaginitis, yeast infections, trichomoniasis, allergies, excessive discharge, human papillomavirus (HPV), vaginal atrophy and herps. However, the most dreaded is cervical cancer.


These may occur as a result of certain medications such as birth control pills, infections, menstruation, menopause, stress as well as hygiene.

How do they affect your sex life?

The abnormal vaginal conditions affect your ability to engage in intimacy. Though some may not present any visible symptoms, they cause pain during intercourse. While others set extreme conditions where you are unable to gather the confidence needed to engage in intimacy as a result of the smell and discharge. Further, these occurrences also affect your general wellbeing. They affect your sexual life as follows:

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  • Bacterial vaginosis manifests with lumps, itching and soreness. Further, it’s associated with undesirable smell, dryness as well as lower abnormal pains. With these symptoms, any attempt at sex is destined to be futile.
  • Vaginitis is characterized by painful urination, irritation, and foul odor. Any attempt at coitus is repelled due to the painful experience. As such, even when you desire sex, it’s not possible to have it under the circumstance.
  • Yeast infection, herpes, trichomoniasis and allergies cause frothy vaginal discharge, rash and irritation during sex. Soreness and swelling at the vaginal mouth may also be noticed as a result. Its irritation discourages women from engaging in any intimate activity.
  • Excess discharge may or may not be accompanied by a foul smell. If it’s smelly then it inhibits any sexual attraction down there. But even if it’s not, it still is a health risk that could lead to blood loss as well as compromised vagina hygiene.
  • Human Papillomavirus, unfortunately, does not portray any symptoms even though it’s a risky infection. Sometimes it may have warts. It left unchecked it may quickly lead to the malignant cells, causing cervical cancer.
  • Vaginal atrophy. This is a condition where the vaginal wall thins up and becomes too weak to support any intercourse. It’s caused primarily due to lack of sexual activity that results in low blood flow and weak vagina muscles. Ironically, the best remedy for this condition is to engage in sexual activity to stimulate the vaginal cavities and the blood vessels around the pelvis.
  • Cervical cancer: Although highly dreaded, if discovered early, you may scrape through it via surgeries and chemotherapy. Its treatment is expensive and physiologically demanding. So sex is definitely a no-go till treatment is completed.

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