Vagina Facts: 5 Wonderful Things That You Need To Know

Vaginas have for ages been considered as the cradle and source of new lives. They are discreet, alluring and powerful while they operate in mysterious ways. Like other body parts, they also need exercises to be strong and healthy. Did you know that vaginas hide 5 feet long clitoris that elongates further when aroused? Well, I thought you should know. Here are five of the wonderful things you need to know about a vagina.

Highly elastic

The vagina is probably the most elastic of your body part. Its normal girth is about 3 cm while its depth is 5 cms. However, during childbirth, it stretches so wide to allow a baby of about 10 pounds and an average head diameter of 10 cm to pass through. When aroused, it results in the uterus being pushed upwards to increase its depth. The multiple muscular folds also open up widening its girth. Hymen facilitates this elongation, even though not all females have it.


With the help of hormone and through the secretion of vaginal juices, vaginas can clean themselves naturally. They discharge fluids before and after the monthly periods to disinfect the passage of any foreign matters and dead cells.

Besides, when aroused, they sprinkle the walls with juices to lubricate the entrance while expanding their core, allowing for smooth penile penetration. Moreover, the sensitive nerve endings make it ideal for exercises. One such practice is the Kegel exercise that strengthens the pelvic floor muscles through better constrictions hence resulting in more sensation and bigger orgasm.

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When the vagina is in need of a medical attention, it gives out numerous signs. From foul-smelling discharge, itchiness and bloody/yellowish secretion not associated with menstruation, it’s easy to tell that the down under is under duress.


Most female assume that their vaginal opening is a straight 90 degree upwards from the vulva. However, research indicates that the birth canal actually tilts 130 degrees to the back. Another research surprisingly indicated that up to 44% of women did not know where their vaginas are and a whopping 60% were unable to specify where their vulvas are located. For these reasons, seeing a gynecologist is advisable.

Divided in segments

And the vagina is not just a single organ. Stretching from vulva to the cervix, it’s divided into numerous parts and sections. There are certain parts which are not openly visible. From the entrance the labia majora, labia minora and tip of the clitoris that are visible, but it’s a labyrinth of many compartments.

The clitoris is not just an elongated organ but more like a fish bone. It contains tentacles spread all over the pelvis region and have segments within called crus clitoris and corpus cavernosum. The G-spot is not an organ but basically, a location with high sensation triggered by the manipulation of the clitoris and cervix. Other parts of the vagina include the urethra opening, bulb of the vestibule and the cervix which are all concealed from sight.

Can make yeast

In weird two separate experiments, bread and beer have been prepared from vaginal discharge. A female blogger cum baker used her vaginal discharges as yeast to ferment a sourdough bread. In yet another experiment, beer was malted using vaginal yeast.

And you thought vaginas are only meant for sexual stimulation and giving birth? Think again!

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