Unrevealed Truth About Women Orgasm

Wild earthshaking orgasm is usually considered an icing on the cake of lovemaking. For men, it denotes the quality of his intimacy is well appreciated and masculine. And for women, any man taking her to cloud nine with such screams and groans is worth her attention and love. So significant is the orgasm in intimacy that women go as far as faking it to please their partners.

Did you know that there are so many scientific evidences about orgasm in women that debunk myths associated with this topic? Here are some facts about orgasm you probably aren’t aware of:

Powerful rhythmic pulsation.

Female ecstasy, orgasm or come refers to the involuntary and sometimes powerful physical pulsing of the uterus wall contracting rapidly as a climax of the sexual intercourse. It may be accompanied by a groan, moan, sigh, exhale, cry or even scream.

When erotic areas of the nipples, inner thighs and the vaginal opening are caressed, the female’s body is aroused, preparing it for sexual intimacy. Sustained stimulation results in orgasm. Its effect may range from a subtle localized sensation to a whole body jolt.

Erogenous female part

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The main trigger for reaching orgasm is the highly sensitive erogenous parts. Major areas here include the G-spot (located under the roof of the vagina), the clitoris and the opening of the cervix. Only 25% of women attain climax during the penetrative sexual act.

There are areas beyond vaginal stimulation that excites women. The clitoris, with over 8000 sensitive nerve ending around it, is probably the most sensitive area that results in more than 43% of women attaining orgasm – when manipulated. Besides, the G-spot and cervix also responds well to stimulus and brings this figure to over half of the women.

Yet another factor having a significant influence on women reaching orgasm is the genes. Hereditary genetics account for about 45% of the factors inducing women to reach orgasm. These genes also influence the individual responses before a genuine orgasm is reached.

Cause still unresolved

Even though male ejaculation is necessary for reproduction, female orgasm is not needed for conception and female eggs can be fertilized without orgasm happening. This is why it’s hard to explain the main reason behind orgasm. Several myths have been concocted here. The most reasonable one appears to suggest that it increases the chances of sperms reaching the eggs.

Studies indicate that women take 10 to 20 minutes to reach orgasm and also that penetrative sexual act takes between three to seven minutes on the average. Therefore, spasms caused by orgasm acceleratethe release of eggs from ovarian follicles and hasten their travel to the fallopian tube where they fuse with the waiting sperms for fertilization. This tremor can last up to 20 seconds.

Psychology of orgasm

Most people readily agree that when sex is in the air, even proper thinking is impaired. It’s hard to dismiss this myth due to the fact that female orgasm can be achieved by thoughts. And this is why having a sexual fantasy can culminate in the release.

Therefore, orgasm can be attained without any direct stimulation of the female’s erogenous parts. On the other hand, science reveals that most brain faculties are blank when a female is in a state of orgasm, with most functions blanked out. How then, is it possible to think about coming while the brain is oblivious to such an action?

With all these conflicting facts, you may wonder why orgasm, despite extensive study, still eludes science and hence frothed with myths.

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