Top 5 Things That Makes Women Crave For Sex And Intimacy

Perhaps you wonder why some of your friends tend to attract hot and responsive female partners. It’s not about who they are but it’s more about how they handle them. Women by nature are talkative and vocal. As such, understanding what they need is the first step in making them enjoy your company. Once the ice has been broken, it’s easy to consistently seduce them and make them crave for intimacy every time you are together.

In case you just happen to chance on this craving, then there are some factors you are not handling well. Getting your woman long for you between the sheets is every man’s desire. And you can achieve this by adopting the following five simple steps:


As the adage goes - “Ask and you will be given.” A mere solicitation of sex could reap you with enormous reward. Unknown to men, women also crave for sex just as you do. However, they are shy about initiating this process. Exude confidence and relay manliness in your needs. Appreciating a woman is usually important in the process of seduction. Once you have calmed her, you wouldn't go wrong requesting her for a quality time together.


Bonding is one way of breaking the tension between the two of you. These could be simple gestures such as a light peck, holding hands, embracing her as well as conversing. Some women like challenging situation such as undertaking exercises together and playing intelligent games.

The challenges, encouragement and persistence make her appreciate your determination as well as your limitation. Other ladies are turned on by wild and dirty jokes. Bonding makes her eventually crave for your companionship and eventually leads you to the bedroom.


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Women love fantasies and erotic imaginations. Therefore, do not be shy to share wild imaginations with her. By acting out your fantasy, you encourage her to reveal her intimate sexual desire. This could provide a clue to what she truly cherishes when she is aroused. Of course, any attempt to play her fantasy will get her craving for your sexual escapade.


Nothing is more boring than a predictable game. This is especially so when you have been in love for a long time and she has mastered all your tactics. Hence it pays to always spruce up your innovation.

Of course, some attempts will work better than others while a few could turn out to be masterpieces. Try different ways of touch, kiss and sexual positions. Additionally, do unique things such as intense oral sex, and encouraging her to be on top. You will be surprised by how she readily takes charge and dominate the pace – driving her passion wild.


Normal is boring… and that is why you offer exotic scenario to spice up your sex life as well as heighten your partner's craving. Get her out of your dull bedroom and take her to a hotel room, a beachfront or even your kitchen worktop.

Chances are the unfamiliar environment will increase her urge for sexual intimacy. Further, keep her tuned up with surprise gifts, treats and holidays. The glamorous situations become so memorable that she craves for such occasions to present themselves again.

These are not the only aspects available to make her punish you with sex. Keep exploring the wonders of your partner, you will soon realize that every other day with her is a new discovery.

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