Testosterone Therapy May Help Boost Women's Low Libido

Clinically, there are raging debates about the efficacy of testosterone therapy in the treatment of the women suffering from declining libido. Although the long-term effects of this intervention are not yet widely reviewed, there are various reasons to believe that the treatment provides a solution to certain women suffering from this malady.

Tests and research are still ongoing and the outcomes are as varied as the tests themselves. Some producing reasonably positive outcomes while others are not clearly conclusive. But before we address how this therapy could help revitalize the waning sexual urge in women, perhaps we need to be appraised with the reasons behind the reduced libido, the meaning of testosterone therapy and to what extent this mode of treatment actually works.

What causes low libido?

Normal sex drive is characterized by physical and psychological responsiveness to stimuli – touch, explicit visual as well as suggestive language in the right environment. Hence deviation from the norm is considered sexually dysfunctional.

But libido itself is controlled mainly by the testosterone hormone. Therefore, the decline in testosterone results in a low sex drive. Other causes of reduced sexual desire include stress, anxiety, medical conditions, the intake of certain medications, emotional situations (death, pregnancy, and lactation), surgeries and menopause.

Definition of testosterone therapy

Normally, testosterone production dwindles with age. However, a certain surgical intervention such as ovaries removal results in complete testosterone deprivation. This causes serious sexual dysfunction, and the most suitable remedy would be a clinical testosterone infusion.

The process by which you are served supplemental androgen replacement to boost your libido is the testosterone therapy. Hence testosterone replacement therapy may include injections, patch, creams, pills and herbal supplementation of this agent.

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Can the therapy help improve sex drive?

These interventions may help where you suffer from low production of testosterone. However, as you age and reach menopause, the natural production of estrogen and testosterone fizzles out. In this case, this option may result in you feeling younger and possessing increased virility. Further, some heightened arousal has been recorded.

Even though the loss of sexual desires is very subjective to individuals, and may have been caused by of other underlying issues not related to testosterone production, research shows an improvement in sex drive using this method.

And this is confirmed by tests undertaken on 272 women in the US who had estrogen deficiency. Those who were subjected to testosterone therapy reported an increase in sexual desire after a month of taking testosterone therapy by about 50% against those women who took the placebo.

Critics have, however, pointed out that the absence of sexual desire does not necessarily equate to the lack of sexual satisfaction. Further, the criteria for the selection of the candidate does not provide an accurate barometer for low libido as the causes of each situation were different.

To what extent is it effective?

But certainly, this remedy holds a great promise to those who are aging and needs to maintain their excitements between the sheets. Of course, any means available to pleasuring your spouse for a few more years attributes to increased intimacy and closeness.

Testosterone therapy, however, does have its fair share of risks and limitations. Problems have been noted with its application. These complications range from lack of sleep, changes in the sleeping patterns, skin irritation, enlargement of breasts and increased instances of the blood clot.

Besides, a research has also found out that when applied to postmenopausal women who are obese, they ended up exhibiting a disposition to insulin resistance and a heightened level of cardiovascular ailment against those who are younger.

Due to the above reasons, this therapy is yet to secure approval from FDA as a procedure of tackling women’s low libido solution. It is, therefore, recommended that you seek doctor’s advise before enrolling for this treatment.

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