Mysterious Female Orgasm And Tips To Achieve Climax

As women approach puberty, numerous physical and psychological metamorphosis take place in their body. And once sexually active, you marvel at how your body wreaks havoc – menstrual cycles, hormonal imbalances and ovulation – and conspire to create fear and awe.

But worry not for these are natural occurrences that prepare your body for childbearing. A sexual encounter is the epitome of intimacy and an ecstasy is the ultimate climax of this action. But what causes female orgasm and how do you prepare to climax during a sexual intercourse? We explore these aspects further as detailed below:

How orgasm happens

Orgasm is simply the return of the genital back to its normal state. During arousal, more blood is pumped to the female genital and numerous muscles and nerve endings cause the organ to swell. The clitoris is engorged with increase blood pressure while the uterus is pushed further up to create an additional void between cervix and vulva. During an intercourse, sustained thrusting and vibration caused by the male member results in a release, a climax.

During orgasm, your body tense and stiffen, senses become disoriented and muscles convolute. The sexual organs manifest these feelings through intense sensual arousal. As your body quiver, you develop an urge to scream and moan.

Yet your limbs get listless - fingers scratching and mouth biting - with the intense involuntary rhythmic spasm of the pelvis taking place. It ends with the relaxation of the muscles around the vulva and uterus prompting the return of the vagina to its pre-arousal state. In some women, the phase is accompanied by the ejaculation of clear fluid.

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The happening during orgasm is very peculiar to every woman. Understandably, each woman experiences this phase individually. So, don’t be disturbed if your episode is significantly different from your friends’ or siblings. 

Tips to climax

Generally, about a third of all women consent to not experiencing any form of orgasm in their lives. This number is more for women who have experienced a short-term decline in libido levels. Therefore, do not be surprised if you hit this rough patch with your significant partner. These issues withstanding, however, you should follow the steps below to ensure you achieve orgasm most of the time you get intimate:

  • Communicate: Communication is perhaps the most important avenue to a fulfilling sexual experience. Frank, honest and comprehensive talks about what you enjoy and what you do not like would probably ease the tension, besides giving your partner the confidence to handle you.
  • Explore: Knowing your body is another important way to understanding orgasm. Try figuring which areas are erogenous and trigger excitement in you. Also, experiment with different touch and caresses bearing in mind the tempo acceptable to you.
  • Relax: Being comfortable and mentally relaxed is yet another step to attaining orgasm. Stress and fatigue kill all the morale and zeal of intimacy. Setting a romantic mood with music, flowers and the good diet would go a long way in creating a lovely atmosphere. Get well rested and avoid distracting issues such as phones and hard work.

Above these, seeking sex therapist's advice on how to enhance your reproductive health besides orgasm, will also get your groove back.

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