Low Sex Drive After Breast Cancer: How To Get Groove Back On?

Breast cancer is the most unfortunate ailment to befall a woman. But the reality is that it’s the most common form of cancer inflicting women, especially after the age of 40 years. Statistics indicate that over 12% of all women in the US will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifespan. Furthermore, breast cancer accounts for the highest number of deaths caused by cancer.

So when you get diagnosed and undergoes a breast cancer treatment regimen, the only desire in you is your survival. Luckily, after surviving the misery and agony of this disease, it’s time to carry on with your life. Obviously, the difficult times negatively affect your reproductive health life. But it’s in your interest to resuscitate it back to normalcy sooner rather than later. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself and seeking sympathy from your partner, here are steps you should take to get your groove back.

Open up

Talking is very powerful. Even when in the worst of moods, a simple speech on how drastic the disease has affected your body as well as how you intend to overcome it is enough to get the ball rolling. Spontaneous actions such as a touch and a cuddle also help. Your partner, in spite of empathizing with your condition, will appreciate your concern and desire to get back to your normal life. This gesture will inspire him to help you through and in the process elevate your intimate desire.


After weeks and months of sedentary life and a rough phase of intensive chemotherapy and/or surgeries, your body will have taken a beating. Physically and psychologically, you would be down. This state exposes your body to other ailments, which you should avoid. So, to regain strength and mental fitness, start exercising.

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Taking a walk is the first in your long journey to recover through exercises. As you become stronger, indulge in cardio and core muscles strengthening exercises which will also assist in managing your weight. Your partner will likely support you and become encouraged with your effort. What’s more, these activities set you back into intimacy.


Having a diet rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre increase your pace of recovery. Apart from repairing dead cells and worn out tissues, nutritious meals facilitate quick healing of surgical wounds. Of course, take plenty of water and fruits in between servings to rehydrate and improve your digestive system. Sooner, you will get your lustre back and your libido will definitely spike up.

On the other hand, of importance is shunning irresponsible behaviors. Desist from taking alcoholic beverages and smoking. They tend to only accentuate bodily harm and stall the recuperation process.

Sex hygiene

The medications taken for breast cancer treatment definitely have adverse effects below your waist. Some drugs inhibit the secretion of estrogen which results in intense vaginal dryness as well as the poor functioning of the vagina. Therefore,it’s paramount to take measures to maintain high hygiene and cleanliness down there.

Washing your vagina with warm water is fairly adequate. Avoid using strongly scented soaps or those that contain harsh ingredients. Soon, your sexual drive will be back to normal. Willingly embrace this intimacy, after all, it’s also part of the overall healing process.

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