Interesting Facts About Sex Pills For Women You Need To Know

Before the discovery of the male wonder pills, sexual dysfunction was considered an unfortunate natural fate which men had to contend with and accept. It was an age-related reproductive malfunction and once inflicted, one had to contend with. By so doing, the sexual dysfunctional person has to relegate himself to an inferior partner and suffer in silence- even when this phenomenon occurs at a younger age.

When the potent male sex pills hit the market, however, all the hitherto retirees were all of a sudden very active sexually, even having promiscuous affairs just to show off their virility. But as men enjoyed all the glory and fame, women suffered silently in many sex ailments.

Besides, they did not know what to do or how to tame the runaway prowess of their partners. And even though their sexual defects were not openly discussed, these maladies were numerous and had severe impacts on their sex lives - perhaps even more acute than their male counterparts.

The pharmaceutical companies in their zest to remedy these adverse situations female find themselves in, worked closely with gynecologists, oncologists, sex therapies and psychologists to deliver a magic bullet that would correct this maladies. Just a decade after the discovery of the male pill, women can also now enjoy their sex pills.

But during this development stage, a lot was discovered about female sexual dysfunction and which the pills addressed. Below are some of the facts about the female sex pill that are worth noting:

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Low libido: One of the reasons why women cannot enjoy sex is the low libido. Causes of reduced sex desire are many. These could be caused by medical factors such as high blood pressure, hormonal imbalance, consumption of certain medications, gynecological as well as neurological factors. These issues may inhibit the sexual urge and reduce the desire to mate. Medical advancement has led to the development of female pills to correct the causes of low libido.

Painful penetration: In some instances, male organ penetration may leave the female sore and inflamed instead of giddy and elevated during an intercourse. The bad experience may lead her to resent the act of intimacy. This could result in them abhorring and resisting future sexual activities. Fortunately, a number of medicines that boost the secretion of vaginal fluids have been discovered, leading to a well lubricated female organs. When consumed, they result in painless and enjoyable intercourse.

Feel good factors: Psychological factors are very instrumental in a female sexual fantasy. Unlike males who are turned on by an image, women have to undergo particular psychological sequences to be ready for lovemaking. As such, when negative psychological inhibitors such as poor marital relationship, loss of companionship, conflict with religious and personal values and social taboos may inhibit sexual adventure. Even being in unfamiliar surrounding or person may tense her.

Some psychological effects that lead to sexual inhibition are temporary and may be quickly addressed. However, others may be as a result of serious underlying issues. These could be corrected by taking certain prescription drugs. Such remedies work by relaxing the mind and reducing stress level through the release of dopamine and serotonin hormones, which elevate the mind and body - hence making them receptive to intense sexual encounter.

No doubt, women, just like men are now enjoying their sexual freedom better than before, thanks to the sex pills that correct the underlining issues discouraging them from mating.

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