Importance Of Vitamins And Minerals In FSD

Female Sexual Dysfunction or FSD inflicts women of all ages. Not only do these symptoms negatively affect the individual’s well-being, but they also cause considerable damage to marital relationships. So, it’s advisable that you, as a woman, take all measures necessary to mitigate against such events.

Even though some instances of the FSD are inevitable, such experiences are temporary and should not adversely affect you and your partner. Once you are aware of the characteristics and causes of the female sexual dysfunction, you inevitably get a better ammunition to treat them.

Symptoms of FSD

So how do you realize that you have any one of the FSDs? It’s easy and straightforward. Not only do you exhibit unusual responses to sexual desires, but you also become uncooperative with your partner's intimate overtures.

Your sexual desires certainly take a dip. And you resent any affectionate touch from your partner. Even when you make an effort to consent to an intercourse, the experience is dull, painful and uneventful. Further, chances of you attaining orgasm are slim even when you endure the whole hog. 


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The reasons behind FSD are various. They cover all tentacles from physical, psychological to medical. Besides, sex hormones also play an important role in regulating sexual appetite in females. The main driver of sex drive is the testosterone.

This is release by ovaries and helps establish a conducive mood for intimacy. However, as you age, the secretion of this sex agent declines, resulting in reduced urge. Physical causes of the FSD include high levels of stress - that divert essential agents from manufacturing the sex hormones to be eaten up in resolving or regulating the stress - and diseases such as hypertension and diabetes. Consumption of certain medicine also suppresses the sexual desire.

Even though it’s not very clear to most women, malnutrition impacts negatively on their ability to engage sexually. Important minerals and nutrients are needed to trigger and “motivate” sex organs and hormones into action. As such, lack of vitamins, including vitamin A, B, C, and E, in the body can result in female sexual dysfunction. Others include zinc and magnesium.

Do Vitamins really help?

Vitamins are essential in revitalizing your body. They also play an important role in enriching the blood with nutrient as well as repairing damaged tissues and muscles. Worn out tissues are effectively replaced with nutrition brought by the blood vessels. Further, minerals facilitate the bulging of blood vessels, allowing for a faster transportation of the energy to all organs, including the genitals.

Though physical fitness also contributes to the sexual desire, it’s the minerals that feed the muscles and organs to gain vitality. With blood veins to the female genitalia expanded, coupled with a healthy heart and the lungs, thanks to the minerals, a sexual encounter is natural. The virility needed to take the arousal to the next level is also enhanced by these minerals and nutrients.

Therefore, it’s no doubt that vitamins have a significant role in shielding the body from the harmful effects of the female sexual dysfunction. All you need to do is consume your daily dose of vitamins from fruits and herbal supplements and your FSD will be history.

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