How To Give A Hands-Free Massage For The Ultimate Pleasure?

Massage, well… soothing, silky and refreshing. But what comes to mind upon mention is firm and sensual hands. Yes, hands. But did you know that you can still enjoy full body massage without any hands working you out?

Research has indicated that professional massagers often strain their fingers and hands doing their profession and these injuries are leading occupational hazards. As such, many have taken heed and often giving their hands a well-deserved break, but still, continue working.

Enter the era of the hands-free message. Using elbows, forearms and another body parts can tick the tense skin into calm relaxation just as do the hands. Surprised?

Don’t be, for you can experience sumptuous muscle kneading and weaving using forearm and elbow. Here’s how.

Using forearms

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Forearms refer to the part of the arm between the hands and the elbow. Being straight and firm, yet containing just the right mass of flesh, it comes handy when considering a massage. Certain parts of the body such as the back get better massaged using forearms.

Ensure that the massager’s arms are oiled well before the action. This would increase the blood flow and warm up the forearm to be used for massaging. Besides, it will ensure smooth glide over the body being massaged, avoiding bruises and friction. By rolling the arm through the sections of the back, great satisfaction and muscle relaxation can be achieved.

To massage the front part of the body. A gentle roll of the ulna can be applied to the region around the forearms, below the breasts and to the sides (rib area).

The hind part of your body can benefit more from the forearm massage. The massage using forearms can trigger sensation to your nape, relaxing it. Going down, the back is a good candidate for forearm massage. But care must be taken not to pin down the spinal cord. A gentle press against this section will do the trick.

Buttons are soft and round, hence rolling the forearms against them is not a problem. Similarly, your thighs are fleshy and long hence a gentle circulation or straight press from top to bottom ensures you get a proper message in this area. The lower limbs are tough, so a little pressure from the forearms would be adequate to calm the tendons. To complete the message, a rhythmic press on the flat of the feet is a good bonus.

Applying elbow.

Apart from the forearms, the elbows are apt to massage certain parts of the body. Sharp and firm, they produce better results when applied to localized areas. The shoulder blades, leg calves and buttons, for examples, get a better stroke when the elbow is used. Elbow can also stroke the feet well. However, care must be taken when applied on sensitive areas, such as the face, head and stomach.

Of course, your body can also benefit from massage applied using other parts of the body such as the knees or even stomach. Knees can press soft parts such as the thighs and buttocks while your partner’s tummy can quickly ease tension on your back by simply laying on you.

However, being peculiar limbs to use for massage, reasonable training is advised. Besides, always start tender and only signal your partner to increase pressure when you prefer additional force, lest you endure painful experience instead of bliss.

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