Genital Hygiene: Tips For Healthy Vagina

It's worthwhile to note that research shows that females who are confident about their genitals are more likely to enjoy sexual encounter and have bigger orgasms. This confidence starts with the state of their vaginas. As such, taking care of this organ is the first step in maintaining a healthy reproductive health.

Unkempt vaginas not only cause great embarrassment during medical examinations but also diminishes the urge to initiate sexual intimacy. Fortunately, maintaining a sterile environment down there is not so difficult. All you need to do is follow the simple steps as described below:

Loose clothing

Tight fitting apparels constrict free ventilation across your haa hoo area. With the region already moist and concealed, constricting it further does more harm than good. As such, avoid tight jeans, polyester bikers and thongs that restrict good aeration between your legs. Instead, wear breathable cotton panties and loose linens. During hot nights, sleep without panty... it could enhance freshness.

Healthy diet

Vaginas are very sensitive to the type of meals you consume. They tend to eventually mimic the taste of the food. Therefore, desist from taking spicy and strong smelling foods such as ginger, alcohol and garlic. Instead, consume fresh fruits and vegetable. Pineapples, oranges, cucumber, yoghurt, green tea, parsley and cranberries all increase the freshness of your vagina and should be taken in abundance. Besides, good rehydration is beneficial to the good health of the vagina. So keep taking your daily portion of clean water.

Safe sex

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Practicing safe sex is another way of keeping your vagina hygienic. Use condoms all the times to safeguards against sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, gonorrhea, HVP and herpies. Shun sharing sex toys with your partners and change condoms each time vaginal penetration is initiated.

Medical advise

Even though vaginas have natural ways of cleaning themselves, honoring gynecological appointments will instill meticulous hygiene. Reproductive health practitioners have plenty of valuable information to help you maintain healthy vaginas. They recommend pap smear screening annually to check on the composition of the vaginal cells. Any drastic change in odor, discharge color and itchiness should be treated immediately with OTC medication. However, if such symptoms persist then seek urgent medical intervention.

Good hygiene

It goes without saying that a good hygiene practice is what your vagina needs most. Therefore, after a long call, wipe from front backwards to mitigate against feacal matters reaching your vagina. After a short call, use dry baby wipes to mops off urinal drips from the vulva. When experiencing menstruation, change tampons frequently to avoid contaminating your organ.

Taking bath is also important for vaginal health. Use warm water to clean the mouth of your vagina. Applying harsh and scented soaps could result in irritation and foul smell. Bushy vaginas tend to trap sweat and microscopic organs which could contribute to the unhealthy pelvic area. You can avoid this by trimming your pubic hair.

No doubt, you stand to accrue many benefits - including saving money and reducing birth complications - by keeping your feminine genital clean and healthy.

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