Five Ways To Work On Your Libido

Traditionally, women inhibit their desires for sex. Any woman overtly expressing strong signs of sexual needs was branded rebellious and out-of-control. Fortunately, that was decades ago. Currently, with the sexual liberation and advent of the internet, this is no longer the situation.

Irrespective of your age, you the modern woman is more attuned to your body’s demands and is hence open to freely discuss how you feel with your partner. Effective communication and astute body language goes a long way in boosting your waning libido. That’s not the only way… there are good reasons to work on your libido. Here are five ways to elevate your libido even when you are past the biological clock apex:

Get kicky: Your mind is probably the most powerful sex trigger you may not be aware of. Just imagining being hot makes you hotter. And what’s better than picking your fantasy intimate wear and spotting it on? You wouldn’t believe the pleasant surprising romantic look your significant half would give you. So, in spite of your busy schedules, take time to act out your fantasies. A romantic music, candle-lit dinner and quality uninterrupted time are all you need. The confidence and aura would kick up your adrenaline, priming you for an elevated libido.

Focus on foreplay: Getting used to your partner is good but it could also lead to bad habits. Contemplating your sexual needs could encourage your partner to take shortcuts – which is bad for a robust relationship. Romance is in the foreplay. Even when your body is not as virile as it was thirty years ago, a prolonged foreplay could get it in the mood. So lead your partner in exploring your body slowly and thoroughly. Do not rush the occasion. Relax and just enjoy the caressing. After all, you have all the night for it. Eventually, your libido will come roaring through and guess what – you will be screaming for more before you know it!

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Sleep well: A good night’s sleep is probably the aphrodisiac you need before any intimacy. Therefore, if you are planning for an intimate evening, ensure you are well rested the previous night and are not under any duress. Sex is an exercise that requires energy and vigor. As such, any sleep deprivation would likely result in unproductive companionship. You may also not be aware. As your body age, getting a sound night’s sleep could be a problem. Consequently, monitor your sleep pattern and ensure your body is always well rested for increased libido. 

Primed for porn: Way back, blue movies were considered men’s pastime. However, the industry has matured enough to produce special dedication to women folks. If you want to spruce up your love life, maybe watching blue movies is what you need. Seeing the fierce inferno would certainly set your libido skywards. And why not, maybe you could sample a few moves to spice up your thrill.

Relate intimately: Communication is the key to any lasting relationship and definitely for the ultimate sexual fulfilment. Verbal, physical and emotional bonds grow stronger with proper communication. When your libido is low, tell your partner how long it takes to ignite you. Besides, encourage him to work with his tongue, lips and body to locate your hidden treasures.

Well just because you are approaching you sunset years does not mean you stop enjoying the great sexual ecstasies. Simply follow the above steps to torque up your libido, without the need for expensive sex therapists’ consultations. 

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