Erogenous Zones For Women: The Most Sensitive Spots

In order to get into the groove, you and your partner need to engage in foreplay. Foreplay allows for the arousal, particularly for women by enabling organ swell and lubrication. Once ready, penetration is smooth and enjoyable leading to a more fulfilling encounter.

Before starting on foreplay, however, you need to know how different parts your body reacts to touch, caressing, message, fondling as well as vibration. Of course, each female is unique and hence responds differently to stimulation. To excite your body, there are areas with higher erogenous responses. Here are the most sensitive zones to lovely touch.


With over 8000 nerve endings converging blood vessels to this area and tentacles stretching the entire breadth of the pelvis area, this is certainly the most erogenous female member. It responds to touch, kiss, rub and vibration.


This is the eventual trophy of the foreplay. The hot spots located within the vagina may be categorised into two broad areas. The inner part is pleasantly more responsive to thrust and vigorous vibration while the outer surround is more adept to sensual tender touch and tonguing due to mushrooming of blood capillaries.


The cervix, located inside the vagina marks the deep end of the ho-ha and conveniently possesses its own nerves. Due to its location, it responds well to the deep vibrating thrust of a penis. It is, therefore, stimulated once penetration has occurred.

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Breast and Nipples

Breasts are large, soft and tender, and responds well to stimulation. Even before it’s touched, just looking at them is a huge turn on. This hot spot is probably the most attractive female organ men notice instantly. When they are touched, they result in heavy breathing and nipples enlarging which inevitably demands tender caressing. Nipples are to breasts what magma is to a volcano... simply explosive. A touch drives women wild with anticipation and arousal. All that's needed is placing a warm sensual tongue and fingers around them.


The neck’s close proximity to a female’s chest does not make matters any better. It is the only logical place to hold when kissing or pecking. Further, with all the nerves from the brain passing behind it via the central nervous system, all it requires is a tender rolling fondle and the woman’s entire senses are awakened and stiffened. The nape stroking provides erotic shudder sensation that no woman can ignore.


Though small and far from down under where most actions are located, ears provide the centre of attention for any communication one is trying to relay. With many nerves and close proximity to the brain, the earlobe provides an ideal arousal spot for many women. A simple whisper is all it takes to turn it into an erogenous receptor.

Lips and mouth

A woman's sensual lips will pause with desire when she catches a glimpse of her partner. But then a simple kiss is what she'll need to foment a sexual fantasy and trigger a sexual urge. Lips are highly responsive to light touches since kissing kicks on the release of oxytocin hormones which are responsible for intimacy.

Well, getting acquainted with your body's sensual responses and feeling free to experiment with a variety of stimulation methods is definitely your pathway to erotic mecca. 

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