All About Dry Vagina Syndrome

Although vaginal dryness is prevalent in women of advanced ages, it also affects younger women. Its effects vary on different women. While some only experience this syndrome at infrequent intervals, other experience a more common occurrence.


A normal functioning vagina is moist and well lubricated through intermittent fluid discharge. This secretion, besides keeping the vaginal cavity septic, also strengthen the blood capillaries around the organ. This sprinkling is initiated and performed by estrogen hormone. However, as you age, the production of estrogen declines, leading to vaginal dryness. This situation, therefore, affects woman entering the perimenopause or menopause phase.

There are other causes of vaginal dryness, especially for younger females. They are as a result of the following:

  • Giving birth
  • Lactation
  • Excessive drinking
  • Smoking
  • Ovaries removal or malfunctions
  • Cancer treatment regiment
  • Birth control medication
  • Aggressive douching
  • Consumption of drugs containing antihistamine as well as antidepressant medicines
  • Stress and anxiety

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There are numerous signs pointing to the vaginal dryness. These symptoms may vary in form and intensity. The most common ones are as listed below:

  • A dry vagina exhibiting yeast infestation
  • Mild vaginal discharge that is foul-smelling
  • Light bleeding after coitus due to increased friction
  • Painful intimacy
  • Soreness around the vaginal entrance
  • Feeling of itchiness on the groin
  • Burning sensation especially when urinating
  • Pale and thin vaginal walling
  • Difficulty in arousal even during stimulation
  • Frequent urination


If a vaginal dryness is allowed to continue for a prolonged duration, it usually kills an intimate relationship. This is why it’s recommended that you seek urgent medical attention to confirm its severity.

A thin, pale and red vaginal walling is a confirmation of this syndrome. A simple vaginal examination establishes whether your vagina is dry – a condition called atrophic vaginitis. 


Treatment is easy and fast. However, a sex therapist would establish the most suitable treatment mechanism for individual cases by evaluating the risks and benefits of the proposed remedies that include the following:

Many creams and vaginal lubricants designed to reduce vaginal dryness are available in the drug stores. The medicines act by moisturizing the vagina for several hours after application. Though some are oil-based, the water-based lubricants are preferred during intercourse as they tend to be hygienic and less susceptible to itching.

Estrogen injection is another proven method to treat a dry vagina. Topical use of the tablet, cream and ring inserted into the vagina can effectively eliminate dryness.

Soybeans, soy, tofu and soymilk contain ingredients known as isoflavones. These are natural estrogen sources which when consumed, boosts the levels of the female hormone.

Wild yam has also been hailed as a natural remedy for low estrogen secretion by the body. Application of creams containing this ingredient results in increased estrogen levels. 

Black cohosh is dietary supplement believed to cure the signs of vaginal dryness. However, no scientific study has established its efficacy as well as its potential effects on the female reproductive organs.

Therefore, in case you suspect that you are suffering from vaginal dryness, make a point of visiting your gynecologist for an examination. With fast screening methods and simple treatment regime available, you don’t need to extinguish your sex life because of vaginal dryness syndrome.

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