You Can Have Wild Sex In Spite Of Having Kids

Parenthood gives you every reason to rejoice and makes you more sensible and responsible. As a parent, you happily make lots of adjustments so that your toddler is happy and safe. You sleep whenever after he is fast asleep, eat and work quickly so he doesn’t get up, and keep noise as low as possible so it doesn’t awake him.

All these things are fine and of course required. What about the exciting and romantic life, you both enjoyed with each other on bed. Are you still enjoying it or rather even thinking about it. You shouldn’t sideline your sexual pleasure just because you are new parents. Parenting is a new experience and an additional responsibility, which shouldn’t at any point in time shouldn’t impact your intimate life. The fact is that you are too tired by the end of the day to do anything on bed.

The heat is on inside you and she is too sexy tonight. You can resist your feelings and are ready to plunge into bed, when your hero starts crying suddenly. Well, guess there is no much option other than serving him and taking care of his needs. Such incidences are quite common and good enough to pull down your sexual excitement. Things are more difficult once they grown up. You have to think about having quickie at least twice, as you don’t want your kids to peep in suddenly.

This article talks about the techniques to improve your sexual life after having children –

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Pamper Each Other With Love and Affection:

Increase in responsibility seldom allows you to get dirty on bed. You both have so much to do like working, shopping, managing family, finance, catering to your kids demands, and many others. Forget about having sex, you don’t have time to think about it as well. Such things rift your relationship and you hardly find time to communicate with each other something romantic and arousing.

Such a situation can wreak your relationship, especially when you both are unable to handle the responsibilities. Don’t ever let things go that further, as you can easily tackle them, initially. Passionately kiss each other, whenever possible as it lets your partner know how much you love and care for him. You can cook something that he always loves to eat and surprise him by presenting him something that he always wanted to have.

Similarly, men can plan a dinner date for their partner and hire a nanny who can take care of the kids. She will be happy to get out of the routine and unwind the passion you both enjoyed. Such a dating quite helps you to take off the boredom from your relationship and discover each other in a new way.

Enjoy Quickie:

You tried a lot many times to enjoy wild sex with her, but failed due to your additional responsibilities. Quite frustrating, isn’t? Try for a quickie, when your kids are not around and you know they will be busy for at least 30 minutes or more. Get back from your work soon, when you know your kids are out attending a special class or enjoying a party at their friend’s home.

Grab her quickly and get into the act may be in kitchen, living room, or bathroom. It refreshes your mind and body and excites you more than what you had planned in bedroom.

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