Reasons For Low Libido In Women

A survey report shows that around 40% ladies suffer from lack of libido and it is a general issue in women. It happens, when a woman is unable to completely enjoy all or some of the physical stages that the body usually experiences during the sexual activity.

In women, low libido causes many ill-effects in different aspects of physical, physiological (mechanical), psychological or interpersonal. For this reason, it is vital to address all these facets of women's sexuality, so as to determine the issue.

Reasons for low libido in females

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  • Low libido in women is associated with physical or psychological issues or a combination of both. It may also occur due to technical problems like several females do not experience orgasm as their partner or they personally may be lacking sexual knowledge. Actually, they may not be familiar with stimulation of female sex organs or avoid using proper arousal techniques.
  • Simultaneously, low libido also has a strong interpersonal factor. An individual’s outlook regarding their personal sexuality is mostly influenced by traditions, culture and personal experience. This may be closely associated with their personal or society’s thoughts about the apt or inapt outlook of sexual activities. These feelings may root nervousness because of your own or cultural connection of sexual knowledge and enjoyment with depravity and shocking behavior. This anxiety is then articulated physically by your body and it averts the usual sexual activity. Anxiety is capable to stop or slow the phase of sexual enthusiasm that lubricates or moistens the female genitals, which is important for fulfilling sexual desires.
  • Personal temperament, outlook and life experience also play an important role in lack of libido. Fear of closeness can be an aspect in arousal issues. Experiences of mistreatment in childhood or in the past or existing relationships can start this session of sexual intimacy with physical or psychological pain. Trying to attain a sexual relationship under these circumstances can cause more physical or psychological dilemma. For instance, apprehension stops the lubrication thus sexual intercourse turns out to be more painful.
  • Arguments, stress and the ineptness with your spouse can root low sexual desire. Depression may possibly be a causative aspect. Medications that include oral contraceptives, anti-depressants, anti-hypertensive and sedatives are very common reasons of low libido. Additionally, oral contraceptives have the capability of decreasing a women’s sexual interest. If you are under any of these medications then find out about its probability of causing sexual problems with your doctor.
  • Physical causes involve genital and urinary system disorders like endometriosis, vaginal dryness or cystitis. Other health issues like diabetes, hypothyroidism, muscular dystrophy or multiple sclerosis can also adversely impact your sexual ability and desire. Removal of the breast or uterus may cause psychological effect.
  • Certain OTC drugs and use of drug abuse or alcohol can root a lack of sexual desire. Cigarette smoking also slows down your sense of libido.
  • Sexual activity also declines after the age of 60 years. Several females suffer this due to lack of a partner. Moreover, changes like vaginal dryness caused due to reduction in estrogen level, after menopause can make sexual sessions painful and decrease in desire.

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