Don’t Let Small Things Impact Your Sexual Spirit

Both men and women are always conscious about their looks and body, when they are on bed with each other. They had plans of enjoying every special moment, but sometime stop them from enjoying the act thoroughly. Rather they worry about their body, the foul smell, or some other thing that is irrelevant to be thought about at this time. It creates a mental block, restricting you from enjoying the act wholeheartedly.

Think Creatively:

It is quite natural to be conscious about your looks, especially when you are naked. Don’t let such a thing take over your excitement. Think creatively and plan something that will light up the whole atmosphere and secretly help you to cope with your coyness. Decorate the room with aromatic candles that will lighten the whole atmosphere and save your from shying from any unwanted thoughts.

Play a romantic music and dim the lights, so he can admire you and don’t bother about anything else. In this way, you both can enjoy the moments wholeheartedly.

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Light Phobia:

Many people are uneasy to perform when the lights are on. Well there is nothing wrong if you undergo such a feeling. Women in specific are not comfortable when their partners try to explore them, with lights on. Guys love to view their partners naturally and in fact they don’t mind a scare mark here and there. Sometimes switching off the lights might take off his excitement, which will impact his performance.

You might be coy, but instead of thinking of the external factors think about various things that can be done to make the moment pleasurable and joyful. It is quite important that you love your body and admire it. Be proud of it and reveal it to your partner. He will surely like your bold moves and ensure to do everything to excite you on bed.

Body smell can be annoying and can off beat your partner’s excitement. It’s true that quite a few women have bad vagina odor, but you don’t have to worry unless you are suffering from it. Few women are so conscious about it that they worry about issue, without any reasons. Such a thing will stop you from enjoying the act, which is a must.

It is a fact that every healthy body has an odor, so there is nothing to be worried about. Men love your body odor and it excites them sexually. Only if your vagina is infected, it will smell foul. Keep yourself clean and wash off the private area, as frequently as possible.

Fear of Farting During Sex:

As per experts, a woman passes gas at least 14 times a day. They usually fear about such a thing, while having sex with him. Don’t give much importance to it, if that happens during intimacy. You can make the situation light by laughing it out. He will understand it and will not pay much attention to it. He will not be happy if you stop having sex or make an excuse to get out of the situation.

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