Simple Rules To Share Each Other’s Sexual Secret

You love her a lot and quite happy whenever you are with her. It is quite normal to share with her everything that is happening with your career and life, at present. What about the past life, especially about her ex. Not many men are comfortable talking about this, as they don’t know how they will take it.

The question here is what secret to reveal and what not to. By talking about the past, you let her know what you expect from the present relationship. In other words, it helps you in strengthening your new love and you ensure not to repeat any mistakes that can impact your present one. Honestly is the key success factor for every relationship, so spill the bean but with care and thoughtfulness.

When Can I Tell Her?

No one would be comfortable revealing their dark secret, especially when the relation is new. If possible only tell the good part of it, so she will easily understand what you intend to say. No use of hiding the fact, unless you don’t want her to know about it at all. Before you let her know your secret, understand her sensitivity as you surely don’t want to wreck your new relationship. With your experience, you can decide when to let her know about your past.

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If you ever had an unprotected sex with your ex, then reveal it in a comforting manner and much before you indulge into any intimacy with her. Let her decide how she wants you move the things ahead. Don’t ever lie to your partner, as it impacts your relationship. Even s-experts opine that men should reveal their past, but at a perfect time.

Don’t Upset her by Keeping the Details of your Ex:

Girls are possessive by nature and will never be happy to find that you still have the telephone, greeting cards, or other gift items of your ex. It will indicate that you still miss your past and she will not like it for sure. She will certainly not be happy to know the numbers you were involved in past, as it creates uncertainly in her mind. Even you might like to reveal the number of affairs you had with different girls.

Don’t Compare:

Comparing your present lover with your ex is the graveyard mistake you could ever commit. In fact it might create difference and unwanted problems. They will not like to know that you were quite obsessed and in love with anyone else. There are chances that they might quite often relate to things to the past. If this happens quite often, then it might ruin your relationship. In other words, don’t tell her such secrets that might negatively impact your relation. Don’t tell her things in details, as you both will not be comfortable in discussing them.

Set a Rule for Sharing Information:

Set a rule, especially when you both have decided to discuss about each other’s sexual life. The whole intention is to share secret, without impacting each other’s feeling and sensitivity.

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