Enhance Your Married Sex Life In Just 4 Weeks

In the beginning of a relationship, sex is fully appreciated and is filled with fun. As time passes the enthusiasm and secrecy starts to fade. This may be triggered, due to many things like family duties, kids, work issues, EMI’s, or unsecured relationship. This is normal in married life as it sometimes undergo through ups and downs. Such things directly impact your sexual satisfaction and you are no longer interested in each other. You can now attain it in four weeks, provided you don’t hesitate and confidently perform them.

1st Week Resolution

First, if there is any unanswered emotional issue take care of it, promptly. You have inkling that you are being cheated then the best solution is to talk it out with him instead of letting it hinder your pleasure. If this talk therapy is not successful than take help from a therapist. Clearing doubts can be helpful in enjoying pleasure.

If there is low libido issue then it is time to consult the doctor. You will have to figure it out, which is the most vital step to regain your energetic sexual life. In women, it may be due to contraceptive pills that may decrease her sex drive. Several females may experience significant decrease in both sex drive and ability or intensity to gain orgasm due to pills. Thyroid deficiency, high cholesterol, and certain medications (antidepressants) are capable of triggering the lack of arousal and climax.

Similarly, males too undergo health issues, so encourage your spouse to take care of such problems. Erectile dysfunction is said to affect 25% males at the age of 40 and 50% males at the age of 70. Cardiovascular dilemmas and ED are inter-related, so it is sensible to consult a doctor.

2nd Week Resolution

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Take a look around your bedroom that has stacks of dusty magazines and books, worn-out sheets and a TV always turned on, which may be the malefactor. Experts have linked cluttered bedroom to unhappiness and mild depression that can deter your sex drive. An unorganized environment and incomplete tasks makes you feel rampant. This kind of ambiance can kill to your sexual excitement. Therefore, team with your partner and clear the room. Working closely can build sexual desire.

3rd Week Resolution

Meet at a bar and run away to enjoy time with your date. Closeness will turn on the romance and bring back the closeness. Exercise together, which can elevate your endorphin levels making you feel sexier. Have a challenging and friendly tennis match or rollerblading race with him. Research has revealed that the more the couples stay together they communicate and share their responsibilities. Thus they always look forward to be with one another instead of dreading it.

4th Week Resolution

Schedule an overnight stay, without the kids to reboot your sex life. A change of background can be therapeutic, where you can laugh and re-establish yourself as the sex-crazed couples you used to be some years ago. You can also take advantage of the communication technology and flirt with him using phone, texts, e-mails, or IM. Take care about his wishes and surprise him by buying him a wallet or something else, which he may have mentioned earlier. Make him feel special and cared for.

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