Edible Aphrodisiacs - Real Or Fake?

People have been different types of aphrodisiacs including fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, and even animal organs, since ages to improve their sex life. Are these stimulants effective in amplifying your sexual desire and performance? There is no scientific proof that aphrodisiacs can arouse your sex organs. However, many people state that certain foods revive their mood.

Let’s look at the edible aphrodisiac one by one and find out if it is real or fake.

Real edible aphrodisiacs are:


For decades oysters, are popularly used as an aphrodisiac. High amount of N-methyl-D-aspartate and D-aspartic are found in raw oysters that increase testosterone level in the body. High level of testosterone positively affects your sex drive. Zinc is also needed for increasing the sperm production. Even its phallic shape that resembles a vagina stimulates the sex drive. Half-shelled oyster has all the aphrodisiac properties, but must be handled appropriately during the romantic dinners or its sharp edge can cut your hand that can definitely spoil the mood!

Wheat germ:

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It is an embrio of wheat that is loaded with vitamin E. It plays a vital role in delaying the aging features and protects cell-membrane from damages caused from free-radicals. It helps in balancing the estrogen level in the female body. High level of estrogen causes anxiety, headaches, bloating, muscle aches, and mood swings. All these can hinder a woman’s sexual intimacy. It is effectively used for infertility treatment.

Dark chocolates:

Chocolates are love food and contain phenyethylamine that elevates mood. Moreover, this chemical is produced in your brain, so when people fail in love they consume lots of chocolates. It is an alkaloid that imparts the bitter taste to chocolates and is an incredible vasodilator that dilates the blood vessels causing a rush. Its diuretic properties stimulate the heart. Dark chocolate has high cocoa content that is extremely effective. It includes a vital amino acid called tryptophan that produces serotonin. Such hormones calm you and make you feel relaxed and satisfied.

Red wine:

It has an anti-oxidant resveratrol that elevates the blood supply throughout the body that is needed to enhance intercourse. It decreases self-consciousness and makes people more relaxed. However, a moderate level is enough or excessive alcohol can have opposite effect on arousal.

Fake edible aphrodisiacs are:

  • Bananas – Having a banana in the afternoon does not mean that you will enjoy better sex at night. It has a shape like a penis, which might turn her on otherwise there are no aphrodisiac properties here.
  • Avocados – Legendary Aztecs are referred as avocado trees and commonly known as ‘testicle trees’. Folklore associated avocados as an aphrodisiac that enhances libido. Actually, avocados have a little amount of minerals and vitamins that can increase libido, but a person has to consume tons of avocados to attain the effect.
  • Almonds – Myths about almond is that its scent makes women feel passionate. The news is that almond contains L-arginine that is used in preparing female enhancement gels and creams. When applied to the genital stimulates the sex organs. However, there is no clear statement about how many almonds you should eat to attain sex-boosting effect.

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