9 Unfamiliar Male Erogenous Zones

Want to add spice to your love life then explore your guy’s little-known erogenous zones. If you have been together for a long time then your moves may seem stale. Man has more than 4 million responsive nerve endings cluttered around is body. If these sensitive zones are provoked, it stirs up a storm of sexual pleasure. Explore the unfamiliar erogenous zones and get more intimate with him.

Scalp and Hair:

The scalp is bursting with ample nerve endings that react remarkably to touch. Ruffling and teasing his hair with your fingers, can arouse him. Treat him with scalp massage that will relax him extremely and at times turn out to be seductive. Good hormones like serotonin and dopamine gets liberated that elevates his mood.


Ears are often ignored zones that can lull or stimulate him. You simply put your index finger and thumb on the tissue point connecting his earlobe to the face. Just pull gently and slide down to start again.


Gently kiss or rub his closed eyelids and display your affection for him. It drives him wild as your fingers lightly run around his eyes and you place a light kiss. This is an entirely distinct and pleasurable experience for him.


Brain is the most erogenous organ that gets stimulated as you whisper dirty and sexy talk in his ear. The central nervous system allows sexual arousal, so when the mind gets provoked the body follows suit.


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Gentle strokes with fingers or feather on his collarbone and neck region can elevate his arousal. You can blend movements like nibbling his earlobe and rubbing his neck lightly with your hands running southwards.

Fingers and palms:

Scratch small circles inside his palms and gradually move and make big circles and eventually, you will be tracing his palms outer-edge. For more stimulation cup his hand on your mouth. Quickly flick your tongue in and out on the centre of the palm.

Inner elbows:

The skin layer that covers the inner elbows is very sensitive to touch. Caressing these spots with fingertips is sure to make him interested and you will see a smile on his face.

Inner thighs:

Stroking gradually with your fingertips in and out his inner thighs can undoubtedly arouse him fast. Caress the outline of his thigh crevice with your middle and index finger and then rub it passionately. Such movements will make him feel extremely sensuous.

Treasure trail:

Starting from the belly button, you can work your fingers downwards. The region between navel and pelvis area is truly tantalizing. Blood circulation gets elevated and sexual tension builds up. It is a good spot for stimulating. Moving your fingers from the genitals to other regions and back again builds sexual tension all the way through his body. Blend it by changing directions horizontally or vertically using your mouth and tongue. This will make him go wild.

Male erogenous zones can stimulate him, if targeted appropriately by displaying desire, passion, and diversity in aiming them. Communicate every time, to make certain that you are getting it correctly for him.

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