9 Amazing Health Benefits Of Regular Sex

Have you thought about the sex benefits before you jumped under the sheets? Probably NO! In fact, sex not just offers satisfaction, but also enhances your overall health. Here are 9 good reasons for maintaining your healthy sex life.

Sex alleviates stress:

The level of cortisol (stress hormones) decreases as libido liberates the good hormones, called endorphins. Endorphin reduces pain, boosts mood, and helps you to sleep calmly. Prolonged increase in cortisol level can lead to high blood pressure, weakened cognitive behaviour, blocks thyroid function, increases abdominal fat, and lowers immune function.

Sex strengthens immune system:

Sex amplifies the production of antibodies that fight infections, thus prevent flu and cold. Couples having sexual intercourse 1-2 times in a week display 30% high antibody level called immunoglobulin A. Therefore, indulge into bedroom date often and fortify your immune system.

Sex burns calories:

Sex is an exercise that includes strength training and cardiovascular activities. It is believed that 30 minutes of physical activity like yoga burns 114 calories, dancing eliminates 129 calories, and walking burns 153 calories in comparison to passionate sex that burns around 75 to 150 calories. Sexual stimulation and climax releases testosterone hormone that builds and maintains lean muscle tissue and bones.

Sex keeps heart healthy:

Sex is a physical activity that elevates heart rate and blood circulation all around your body. Along with enjoying sex, you need to eat healthy food. It will help in controlling cholesterol level and sodium level, as it causes heart attack. Study has revealed that involving in sex twice in one week has decreased the jeopardy of stroke by half.

Sex enhances mental health:

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Sex is the best way to elevate your mood, beat anxiety, and fight depression. Sexual closeness reduces stress decreasing cortisol level, which in turn lessens the chances of hyperglycaemia, blood pressure, and high acidity level in the abdomen.

Sex relieves pain:

Sex releases oxytocin hormone that causes the liberation of endorphins. It alleviates pain and elevates the mood. Therefore sex plays the role of a potent natural analgesic. Oxytocin also helps to build bond and trust among both. Therefore, more intimacy with your partner will increase the oxytocin level.

Sex helps to attain sound sleep:

Your sleep may be disturbed due to stress or anxiety. People having sex frequently can deal with stress. Release of oxytocin level during lovemaking promotes relaxation and sleep.

Sex helps bladder control:

To enhance sex, people perform kegel exercise to strengthen the pelvic muscles. Such exercises you can tighten the pelvic floor muscles for at least 3 seconds, as if you are attempting to prevent the urine flow and then release. The strong pelvic floor muscles will help you in the long run and will prevent conditions like incontinence.

Sex improves your complexion:

Sex releases many good hormones that benefit your body. The key compound DHEA (dehydoepiandrosterone) hormone boosts the immune system that makes your skin look healthier and also decreases depression. Thus, your skin looks healthy, youthful, and plump.

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