7 Strategic Female Approaches To Initiate Sex

For ages, males have been the only one to initiate sex or ask more for it. Females are coy creatures and find it hard to ask for sex. However, guys will appreciate, if you come on strongly and express your desire. It will totally surprise them. They like you to be more obvious, than subtle.

It is not at all difficult to let him know that you desire to have sex. You have to use a strategic approach will stimulate him and will spice your relationship.

Here are some ways to do it and draw the most active result in the bedroom.

Send a text:

A naughty e-mail or text will surely ignite him. This is an easy way, where you can delicately convey your message secretly, without uttering a word. You can just pass the message in a sexy manner saying, ‘Bought a new dress for tonight’, ‘I fancy you so bad now, but ……’, ‘can’t wait till tonight’ or ‘Miss me yet?’ These can intensify his emotions and his heart will start throbbing to meet you.

Compliment him idyllically:

Just as women love compliments, men too go weak when they are praised. It reinforces his emotion that she is fascinated by him and further deepens his sentiments. There are many things you can compliment him on, but to initiate sex you can comment on his looks or ‘you look smart in your new black shirt’ or ‘you smell sweet’. However, you will have to verb it loudly, which will light up his face.

Sex code language:

Having a code language that can be used in front of friends or kids is quite helpful in initiating your sexual desire. Codes can be uttered in front of anyone that will be understood only by your guy and others might not be interested in it, because they don’t understand it. However, it turns out to be an aphrodisiac setting him for the moment.

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Touch him accidentally:

Don’t underestimate the power and passion of a sudden touch. Don’t ask for his keys but just reach out into his pocket for the car keys, which will arouse his nerves suddenly. He is not prepared for this moment and you have created an optimal physical connection that has made him crave for more. Such moments subconsciously hook him up. Another example is - Do not ask him to pass the salad but reach across him letting your breasts just rub against his arm. This touchy feel will make him snuggle closer to you.

Make changes in appearance:

Males are visual creatures and they love striking changes in your appearance. Adding novelty can give him a hint and help to initiate sex. There is a catch thinking that if you desire to snag his interest instantly then change into something that is eye-catching. Walk around in mini skirts all naked beneath or ditch your bra and walk about in a little bouncy manner, which will undoubtedly activate his desire.

A sensory flashback:

Remind him those past memorable sensuous moments that will activate an optimistic physical reaction. You can revive the old perfume used in college, visit the favorite beach spot or re-establish your early dating ritual. You will not have to say anything about these flashback connections. It will automatically revive him and make him naughty.

Be direct:

This will totally surprise him as it will stop him from wondering, if you are ready or will you reject his advances. You can phrase it saying, ‘join me in the shower’, or ‘come to bed, now’ will surely jump-start his desire.

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