Do You Feel You Are Not Sexually Compatible?

One of the common questions, women across the globe question ask themselves are they sexually compatible with their partners. Finding an answer to this question is quite important as it helps in strengthening their relationship with them. They want a naughty and hot sex and wonder if their partner can satisfy their sexual quest.

Sex is all about trying something new with your partner every time you are in bed. Old position can kill your excitement and make your sexual life quite boring. After a period of time things becomes a routine and quite boring. Instead of doubting your compatibility, you can spice up your sexual activities and make them quite interesting. Don’t let things get out of your hands completely, where your man will no longer enjoy your company and he fakes orgasm.

Following are the tips to increase your compatibility with your partner:

You can add more fun to the game by enjoying it as if you are having sex for the first time. Set the right mood and light up the atmosphere with excitement. Make it a practice to leave behind your worries about family and work. They will certainly let your stamina down. It is quite necessary to get connected with your partner and make him feel special and energetic.

Spontaneous sex is more exciting and erotic, when compared to the normal ones. So arouse your man, by tickling at his weak point. Start with cooking his favorite dishes and having dinner together. This will give you enough time to talk to him and romantically exploring his fanaticizes.

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Don’t complain about the things that didn’t work for you, as they are usual. Instead make an effort to relive him from all his botherations. These were the things you did, when you were newly in love with each other.

Love is a precious feeling so doesn’t hesitate to express it, whenever possible. In other words make him comfortable with you so you both can enjoy each other’s company.

Don’t take him for Granted:

It is natural to take his preferences for granted, though unintentionally. It happens due to work stress, household responsibilities, and other things. Well girls, don’t commit such a mistake. He loves a lot of foreplay and erotic moves, so pamper him with the same. You might not be aware of the act that women, who indulge into lots of foreplay or intimate it, enjoy intense and satisfactory intimacy. So why would you let go this splendid opportunity.

If your man is not much into foreplay then directly indulge into sexual act. In other words, do everything that will please him and arouse him. Remember there is always a next time for indulging into foreplay.

Make him to please you:

There are chances that he might not know your new sexual fantasies, so let him know about it. Don’t get disappointed if he doesn’t excite you through oral sex. Instead of keeping things up to yourself, you passionately talk about your expectations. There is nothing to be embarrassed about it, as he will enjoy listening to all of them.

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