Can Girls Suffer From Blue Balls?

Blue balls are a unique phenomenon, wherein men experience difficulty in releasing their climax. It happens when he holds it for too long for better performance, may be to excite his partner. It may also incur, when he loses his sexual mood, due to any reasons. Women can also experience such a thing, but it is called blue clitoris, instead.

Clitoris is important for women, as penis is for men. You will be surprised to know that both of them are made up of the same kind of stem cells and they both react in the same manner, whenever stimulated. Whenever she is excited, blood rushes into her clitoris and tightens it into a pink bud. The blood flows out, as soon as she reaches orgasms. It is quite a painful thing, whenever she experiences blue clitoris.

When she is in Bad Mood:

It normally happens, when she is interrupted in the middle of the sex session. For instance, you are having sex with her in public and heavily patting her, there is possibility that someone might destroy her mood. Similarly, when you both are enjoying the real show and suddenly the door bell rings. It kills her mood instantly and she rushes in to dress up quickly. It causes her discomfort and pain in naval. Her clitoris might swell and she cannot wear her panties.

Yet to be Fulfill her Fantasy:

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She might have thought about a fantasy and wants to try it out, today in bedroom. She might have thought about it, while masturbating alone. It upsets her when you don’t act according to her fantasy. This can kill her mood and she might not be interested in indulging into the act at all.

You might never want to encounter such a situation, no never. You can discuss it with her and understand what her fantasy is. Guys, communication are the key success factor for strengthening your sexual relationship. She will appreciate your efforts and will enjoy the performance.

When you reach your Climax too soon:

Through different positions, sexual sensation and excitement varies. Men and women, both experience differently, whenever they are interrupted. Men can easily get back on track and experience the same excitement and ecstasy level as they were, before they were interrupted.

This is not the case with women. In order to be aroused they need to be excited and stimulated. If interrupted, then you might have to work on rebuilding her sexual excitement all over again. Same is the case, when you are changing different sexual position. The enjoyment and excitement varies, depending upon the type of style you opt.

During penetration, you might experience climax, but she still needs time. She will surely be not able to reach orgasm, as soon as you have reached. Don’t just stop, if you are done with your act. Instead involve more into oral sex, so that she can also reach climax. Women normally experience blue clitoris, whenever you reach orgasm first and don’t bother to complete the act for them.

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