Q & A – Sexually Dissatisfied – How To Inform Him?

In a relationship, there should be a sexual component, which maintains an intimacy and bonding and also retains the romantic chemistry between the partners. If there is an issue in your bedroom activities then it can create frustration, resentment and emotional distance outside your bedroom.

Every woman ought to have sexual satisfaction, but sadly there are many females who remain sexually discontented in their relationship. They do not know how to solve this situation. If your sexual needs are not being fulfilled in the bedroom then you can inform your partner even if he does not care.

Question: My BF believes that sexually unsatisfied women are egocentric and they go all the way and cheat their partners for attaining sex. According to him, if she is not achieving an orgasm with her guy then she must remain silent and handle it. I am aware that it is not correct to cheat or fake but what should a lady do, if she is not satisfied? I just feel like shouting and telling him to wake up and recognize that the world is not working in his support. How should I make him realize?

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Be patient and supportive – You may be lacking sexual satisfaction with your guy but it is essential to maintain patience and be inspiring. When you experience an activity that has satisfied you or turned you on then persuade him. Influencing them to repeat, what you enjoyed instead of telling them what went wrong. It is the best way to make them change their ways.

Actually, men are extremely sensitive about their sexual skills and can sometimes deactivate, if you condemn them. Instead, make certain that he knows the right move by appreciating it and asking him to reiterate it. Bear in mind that he is not capable to read your mind. However, you will have to inform him about his perfect actions. Be tolerant and give him a chance to commence doing things that please you the most in the bedroom.

Discuss honestly – If encouraging does not motivate him then you can have an honest and open discussion. Tell him about your sexual feelings that are not getting satisfied. Remember that this conversation is not to display criticism or be decisive about your guy’s actions. When you converse, just speak about your personal sexual needs. Don’t accuse him of not pleasing you instead tell him that you are having an issue in reaching orgasm. You can also ask for suggestions or suggest some new positions you desire to give a try. If the discussion is made to reveal his wrongdoing then he is surely not going to listen.

Move on - If you still remain sexually displeased, after clearly talking about your needs in the nicest possible way then it is time to consider, whether you are with an ideal partner or not. In a relationship, you deserve to be blissful and sexually satisfied. Just don’t tag along with the partner because of guilt. How important is sex in your life? Do you desire to go with a relationship that does not have place for sexual satisfaction? The chances are negligible. If he does not make an attempt to enhance your sexual experience then it is time to look for a guy, who will please you.

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