Q & A - My Husband Find Me Chubby And Unappealing

As men get old their sexual drive also reduces. They are egoistic and wouldn’t agree to this situation, but they will blame you for everything. He might blame you for not caring for him or say that you are plump or unattractive. These factors, as per them is one the reasons for not having libido with them.

Nevertheless, the truth is that there are several causes for lack of sexual desire in male, especially as they are growing older. It is vital to get to identify the issue and resolve.

Question – I am 22 and my husband is 32. He totally appears to abhor having sex! Suppose if I am fortunate, we do it two times in a month. He suggests that it is because I have fat and have to lose weight. The truth is that I am 5.6” and 160 pounds. Please suggest me a way to get him turned on and he will desire to have libido, despite my looks? Just 10 months ago, I gave birth to a baby boy. I tried to offer him a hand job or blow job, but he just declines to return the favor. Can you advice me?

--- YouTube Observer

Make an attempt to find the real reason

It is actually shocking to hear him say that his reduction in libido, is due to your obesity or overweight, but don’t feel hurt. The fact is that there are other reasons that can trigger this issue. His disinterest in sex can be due to a reason, which he is unaware of. Weight gain can happen due to pregnancy.

After marriage your lifestyle changes and so does your responsibilities. He is just not too happy with his job or can be any other reason. The other reason is that he is on medication or had to change his diet or exercise habits. These are certain questions that you have to ask yourself to conclude whether it is actually your fault or some profound and oblivious problem that is going in his life.

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  • When did this begin?
  • Was your weight and height ratio the same always or has it gained after childbirth?
  • Did you have sex few times in a month or has this just started recently?
  • Is this your first childbirth?
  • Is there any kind of stress going in his life?
  • Is he getting treated for some health issues?
  • Is he eating healthy diet and taking regular exercise?

Pick the right moment and discuss with him

Talking to him about your sexual relationship is really important, but pick up the topic at the right time and place. Don’t talk about it after and before having sex with him. If you are unable to handle this situation then consider consulting couple counseling.

Reduce weight

If you have put on weight due to pregnancy then try to return to your normal size. Actually overweight is not just being unattractive, but it creates health hazard. Losing weight can make you feel great, which can be done in several ways but one of them is via sex.

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