Steps To Train Female Body For Multiple O’s

Females have biological advantage over males. The reason is that they can experience multi-orgasms that take place in sequence without an interval (refractory period), but men need to let their genitals relax after ejaculation. Generating multiple orgasms is not an unattainable skill. It means that you have to reach the zenith more than once, but in a single sexual session – indicating in minutes, hours, or all night. Females can experience multiple – O’s because they can stay aroused for long time.

Learn to train your body for multiple orgasms by following these steps, either with your partner or alone.

Loosen up:

You have a better opportunity of attaining multiple climaxes, if you have already been emotionally stirred by the romantic environment including candles, music, massage, movies, and text messages. Your sexual drive is energized whenever stipulated in the proper manner. It builds up sexual tension and arouses you.

It is easy to have one and even more peaks, because your sexual desire is ignited and simmering. In short, feel relaxed, set the stage, and get in the mood to enjoy multi-orgasms.

Provoke your body – With a romantic ambiance, you may feel sexy therefore move on to accelerate the bubbling. You can caress your skin gently and play with responsive spots around your breasts or neck. Once your body gets heated with caresses, move to your genitals and stimulate them, but do not penetrate inside the vagina.

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When you are on the way of achieving multiples, then it is more effective to have first peak via direct clitoral stimulation. This can be accessed effectively using a vibrator or through manual/oral action.

Perform it gently and make an attempt to delay orgasm till you cannot hold it out any longer. Back off as you get ready to explode, build up, and pull back several times. Thus your body’s sexual tension increases significantly and your chance of an explosive first orgasm not just heightens but also primes you for some others. In this manner, your body begins to expect the series of orgasm you will have because you have trained and prepared it for an upsurge and collapse.

Add Contractions – If you are not there then try add the rhythmic contractions of PC muscles as you pleasure rises, which can direct to a powerful orgasm. Studies have displayed that females skilled in PC muscle contraction are more probable to attain succession of apexes.

Resume stimulation – Thirty seconds after the first orgasm, start exciting your clitoris again. Exploit your highly aroused body by this movement but if your clits are still sensitive then move to other pleasurable areas. You can try provoking your G-spot. Take pleasure and orgasm will follow accompanied by others just behind it!

Relax and enjoy – Multiple orgasms may not be experienced on your very first or first few attempts. However, don’t overdo it. This training is to please yourself, so do not leave your comfort zone. Relax and enjoy! Keep on trying but do not think negatively, if you do not succeed right away. Nurturing negative feelings will never allow you to enjoy the ride to get you there. Continue your attempt applying new masturbation techniques and different kinds of sex toys to tune your body to attain multiple orgasms.

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