Several Tips To Please Him With Head To Toe Sex

Are you sure that your partner has had an orgasm? Yes, you are because ejaculation is the indicator, which displays that he has just enjoyed the sexual intimacy. However, you may be unaware that there is more behind male orgasm and ejaculation. Both are distinct event.

Orgasm is the throbbing sensation, where as ejaculation is the semen that bursts out of the penis. Sometimes a guy feels throbs of pleasure as he begins to climax, which suddenly explodes in the end. At time he can attain an orgasm but not ejaculate, while sometimes he can ejaculate but not feel any throbbing. All these signals are not conveyed in any way, so you are uncertain of the fact that he has attained incredible pleasure.

One guaranteed method to offer him pleasure is to explore him intimately and give him head to toe sex. It means that you are not going to head for the Treasure Island straight away to make him climax easily but take the opposite way inch by inch.

You will commence from the head, which has many spots that can get him doing things in bed. Apparently, his eyes will be captivated by your sexy lingerie and nose will be aroused by the enchanting fragrance of your perfume. Your lips will be offering passionate kisses that will spellbind him but you can do much more. In addition, to kissing gently nibbling and sucking his lower lips and neck will enliven him. There are many nerve endings around the neck that stimulates him. This is exceptionally sensual and seductive way to charm him.

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Move down slowly towards his nipples but avoid going near them. You want this session to last longer, so try caressing, kissing, licking or sucking his stomach instead. On the backside knead or stroke near his spine. Many men crave for roughness, so you can use your nails for forceful stimulation that will be extremely appreciated.

Trail your nails and fingers along his forearm that will offer him an unexpected sensation never experienced before. His forearm skin is a little thin, so digging your nails deeply can surely drive him crazy. All this movements must be blended with dirty talk that will excite him more.

Remember to appreciate his fingers by sucking them gently and offering an introduction to sex. Your wet lips tracing around his fingers will sure make him frantic to devour you. Squeezing his butt can goad him. He will just close his eyes tightly to control himself as you tackle his inner thighs with fingers and nails. When you go down there to give him a blow job keep an eye contact.

Giving your guy head to toe sex has no rules that need to be followed. You do not have to start with the head but you can match the above tips as it suits you. However, you need to have sexual confidence in handling bedroom activities otherwise your sex life will suffer. Therefore, it is best to transform your intimate relationship by honing your erotic art for driving him crazy.

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