Low Female Libido – Causes And Ways To Revive

Female libido is regarded as a sensitive topic. Are libido and sex drive, similar? How does it work and what happens to someone experiencing high or low libido? Below are the answers to these questions, which is quite important to know.

What is female libido?

The word libido applies to a person’s overall desire for sexual activity or sexual drive. It is found in both, but it is true that male and female libido is far apart. The only thing identical about both of them is that they can experience moderate, high, or low sex desires. Normally, a guy’s libido is high in his late adolescence and early twenties but in females sex desires get elevated when she ages a little, say approximately in late 30’s or 40’s.

Reasons for Low libido

If you experience a reduction in your sex drive then take a look at all the factors given below that can trigger havoc in your sexual life.

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  • Physical factors - A female libido is affected by lots of factors that affect intimacy. Physical reasons for low sex drive include sexual problem, health issues, medications, excessive intake of alcohol and drugs, surgery, and exhaustion. Dropping of estrogen levels during menopause and hormonal changes during pregnancy can damper female’s desire for sex.
  • Psychological factors – Anxiety, depression, work stress, financial issues, low self esteem, poor body image, and sexual abuse in the past contribute to low libido.
  • Emotional factors - Many females find emotional closeness essential, which can cause an issue in their relationship leading to low sex drive. Ongoing issues include unresolved fights, infidelity, and poor communication regarding sexual preferences and needs.

How to revive female libido?

It is necessary for a woman to recognize the source of reduction in sexual interest. You will need to use natural libido enhancers, including exercise that will increase the blood circulation to improve your sex drive. Good hormones level like endorphins will boost your mood and make you feel sexier. Relax yourself through yoga, meditation, or listening to music which can decrease cortisol level (stress hormone) and increase testosterone level.

To enhance your sexual drive get creative in your bedroom activities. Both of you need to add new positions, sex toys, and other sex stuff that can spice your intimate relationship. Discuss this with your guy if you don’t, then your libido will not improve as he cannot read your mind.

You can also make use of female libido enhancers that are available in herbal formulas in a pill form that can regulate the hormone levels in your body, thus elevating your libido. There are libido enhancer creams or gels that can be directly applied on your vagina. It reduces vaginal dryness, which is experienced by females having low sex drive. The blood vessels surrounding your vagina become more sensitive and respond instantly when touched.

Change in lifestyle can affect female libido. Nevertheless, if you are going through such rough times then don’t live with it, but make use of female libido enhancers. These will help you to revive your sex drive once again.

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