Five Male Sensuous Zones To Make Him Scream

Are you sure, he attains sexual pleasure in bed? Well, he ejaculates, which confirms that your sexual relationship is good. But does your guy consider you a sex bomb? Nevertheless, your sexual partner reaches orgasm, but the intensity of the climax is what you need to find out.

If you want him to be with you forever, then rise above the others. Learn how to please him and sex him all night without having to lose his erection even for a minute. It can be done by identifying his sensuous zones. The fact is that just like females, males too have specific pleasure spots.

First vital thing is to get to know and practice the thing that turns him on. Just recognizing them is not enough, but gain knowledge on how to stimulate them. Ultimately, with the precise action he will soon scream in ecstasy.

Hot male sex zones are:

Cremaster – It is a wonder muscle covering the male testicles. It is stretchable like a bungee rope or cord and draws the testicles upwards and downwards. Cremaster protects the testicles against the variable temperature.

When your man is about to ejaculate, his testicles are tight, or else swaying lightly while he moves in and out of you. Knowing this, if you want him to continue for a long time, hold his balls gently and enjoy each of his moves while he is inside you.

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The P-spot – Women have G-spot, whereas men have P-spot. It is also called as prostate gland that carries a fluid and is released with his semen during ejaculation. The size of prostate is small, like a walnut and it is located around the urethra. Stimulation of the P-spot turns him erotically wild just like women are when their G-spot is activated.

By wrapping your hand around the penis push it gently towards him instead of moving it up and down. Due to this upward movement the corpus cavernosa tissue will cuddle the prostate, which will get stimulated.

Perineum – Perineum is a little firm to feel, but is surrounded with nerve endings that easily offer him total bliss. It has a shape of a diamond and is located in between the back door and his balls.

Perineum is at a nearby angle, so it can be stimulated at any time. The secret is to press or rub this diamond shape spot with your index finger, when he is about to explode. He will shout in pleasure. Avoid using nails or scratching him in this sensitive area. You can change your pressure by pressing, massaging, and drawing lazy circles to keep him on the edge.

Lips – Everyone is aware that lips are packed out with nerve endings. Give him a big wet lip treat anytime. Kisses must be varied, make certain you apply them – hard ones, wet ones, sucking, quick, and sloppy. All these moves will surely charge him and he will want you to treat his lips with a full kiss. Make certain that you do certain things like wet his lips with the tongue and exhale lightly on them. He will go wild at this wet-cool technique.

Nipples – Those little nubs can be tapped by kissing, licking and breathing on them. It will make them erect. When you are riding him, offer him double delight. Draw lazy circles gently around his nipples and the excitement will be so high that he will not understand what is going on.

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