Know About Certain Things That A Man Hides From You

You may think that your man is an open book to you, but he keeps certain things within himself. Always a man prefers to show his feelings through action than words. You may think it is easy for you to figure out what he thinks about sex. It may be a shock to women, to know how he expresses his attitude towards sex.

When a woman thinks of romance and lovemaking, she prefers to decorate it with music, candles, and roses. Women always show their love in an artistic way. Men are just opposite to that, they prefer only the woman they love and nothing else.

What he prefers to do?

The sexual fantasies between you and your partner may differ. Certain fantasies that you like can be shared and enjoyed. He tries to hide some of the weird fantasies from you, thinking that you will not appreciate such kind of things.

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After the intercourse, he doesn’t like to cuddle with you. He will be tired after having an ejaculation and he likes to sleep right after that. Even if you cuddle, he may not encourage it. At that time, he just likes to sleep putting his hand around you. A man who is dating with the intention of sex doesn’t want you to be in bed after it. You can find out from this attitude whether he loves you or not.

Stuffs that he doesn’t like

Guys are quite excited about sex than women, for that they don’t like to have sex in public places such as beaches. It is comfortable for him to make love in the bedroom than on the sandy beaches. He doesn’t want to roll over you with sand sticking on his butt. Likewise, he is also not interested in having sex in the shower. He thinks that it would be slippery and difficult for him to penetrate. Now, you know what he likes and what he doesn’t. At the same time he is not fantasized by the multiple orgasm concepts and he likes to do it only occasionally.

Girls always love to play with the sex toys, which give them a lot of pleasure. It is true that man cannot give stimulation as your sex toys because he can’t compete with 4000 RPM vibrator. If you are using it when he is with you, then he might think that you are trying to tease him. He is not fascinated by such kind of stuffs. Keep it aside when he is with you and enjoy the intimacy between you.

Attitude during sex

Men like to strengthen the relationship with women by doing things together. For most of the men, sex and sport activity make him feel closer to his partner. Girls are more expert on dirty talk than men. Men actually feel somewhat awkward to initiate such kind of conversation. Man is inspired by the confidence that a woman has and how open she talks with him. If she is confident, he doesn’t mind much about her flaws during the sex. Don’t complain about his attitude during the sex every time, it turns off his mood completely.

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