Is Menopause An End To Your Sex Life?

Many women start worrying about sex during the onset of the menopause period. At this stage, they will have low levels of progesterone and estrogen, which are the most important sex hormones. It causes vaginal dryness and you will not feel comfortable to have sex. You can enhance your sexual activity by using a lubricant, estrogen cream and by indulging in foreplay.

Menopause is not the end of sexual life. You can also think vice versa that menopause is the time of liberation and you need not worry about getting pregnant. Most of the sexual dysfunction problem is treatable. Finding the cause of the problem is the first step to restore it. Sometimes, changes in your sex life will strain your relationship with your partner.

Common problems after menopause and possible solutions for it

The first symptom that you may notice after menopause is dryness in the vaginal area. Dryness is the reason for painful intercourse and lubricants that are available in the medical store will be of great help to you. The doctor will also ask you to undergo vaginal estrogen therapy, which is helpful to restore vaginal mucosa.

Sometimes, the medications and medical condition will lessen your sexual activity with your partner. Women with problems such as arthritis, heart disease, high blood pressure, stress, excessive alcohol use and overweight have low sex drive. Women who are aged more than 40 years must stay hail and healthy to enjoy sex. For that, you must exercise regularly, control cholesterol and prevent diabetes.

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Most of the time emotional changes accompany the menopause stage, which is also responsible for low sex drive. Contemplating about sexual thoughts and being in pleasant terms with your partner is important to become aroused. If you cannot find the cause for low sex desire then you must visit a marital or sex therapist.

How to enhance sex life after menopause?

The first thing that crosses the mind of the women is no more periods and they need not worry about taking birth pills. It is the most convenient time to enjoy sex and take necessary precautions to lessen the problems, which starts post menopause. After that, you can romance your partner as before.

One of the best ways to amplify your libido level is by staying fit. Some of the key ingredients of a healthy sex drive are regular exercise, healthy diet regime, good sleep and mental health.

Tips for better sex life

You can educate yourself about the sexual function, anatomy and the normal changes that occur in the body with ageing. This will be helpful for you to get prepared and to face the consequence after menopause. Intimacy with your partner will increase your sexual pleasure.

Most of them enjoy touching and kissing after menopause instead of penetrative sex. You can also sit down and talk to your partner about your mental and physical changes. You can try doing pelvic floor exercise, which increases the blood flow to the vagina and helps in orgasm.

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