How To Tell Him The Sex Tips Without Affecting His Ego?

Every person on this earth has their own feelings, beliefs and thoughts and it will take some time to understand one’s nature. Not all men are good at pleasing women and some guys feel it is awkward. The attitude that they have towards sex, differ from one person to another. The man’s ego gets affected, if you tell him the sex tips to enjoy the session. So, it is necessary to tell him the things that you want without affecting his ego.

Most of the time women do not have any intention of hurting his ego, but it happens accidentally. As a couple, you have to be open and accept each other’s views without disturbing one’s ego. During the initial stages of the sex life, it is difficult for anyone to find the sensual spot that stimulates the person. If you think he is not getting the right direction to pressurize you, then you can convey it by means of sound and action.

Show him the right path

If he is not a good starter, then you can take control of the whole situation. You can initiate by kissing him gently starting from his forehead to the toe tip. Give him a blowjob, which he had never experienced before. It is the best way to make him touch and feel you. Mutual sharing of love is important to enjoy the pleasure that you get from sex.

When he is kissing you, you can gently move his hands to show him how to catch you during the act. Kissing and touching the wrong place will not give you the pleasure you want. Instead of straightway telling him, what you are doing is absolutely wrong. You can guide him by moving his hand to the right spot and he will be able to get hold of it.

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Convey your interest to him

Men are passionate about sex and he thinks it is the natural outgrowth of intimacy. If bonding between you increases, you will not have any problem in approaching him. There are many articles, publications and posters, which describe about the ways to please each other. If you want him to read those things, just drop them in his desk or files. Surely, he will take a look at it, when he gets time.

You can also bookmark the web pages you like on the computer. He will read it when he is using the computer. Tell him the things you like visually by looking at the sex poses in the book or on the internet. In this way, he may get to know about your interest.

How to express your desire to him?

Express your wish in the right circumstance and language is vital, so it doesn’t affect his ego. Before telling him, think about the words and phrases that you are going to use to express your desire for a healthy relationship. Make your sex life better and get equal satisfaction back from him. Likewise, don’t hesitate to talk to him about the things you like and how to have a better sex life.

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