How To Prepare Your Daughter For Her First Period?

Teenage girls who are at the stage of reaching the puberty must know what changes are going to happen in their body. Mother or school where they are studying must take the responsibility to explain the changes that she is going to undergo, when she gets first menstruation. It is important to educate them, so they are can easily cope with such changes. Before you start to talk with her, you must ask her what she knows about menstruation. You can clarify her doubts about it and share your own experiences too.

Sex education is quite important as well. Communication is the best thing that will eliminate her anxiety related to periods. Such conversation will help them to take proper care when they dating someone.

How to talk to your daughter about the menstruation cycle?

It is important to talk to your daughter, before her first period. Most of the girls get their first menstruation during 12 or 13 years of age. It would be an awkward subject for the mothers to talk about it with the pre-teen girls. Don’t wait until she gets first period to talk about it, which might be too late.

It will be a tough time for the mothers to discuss and educate her before the big day arrives. You can educate about the changes that she could expect in the body. Don’t just stop with that, you must explain about other issues related to it also. If your daughter asks about the blood spotting, you must answer them very openly.

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You can show some menstrual cycle pictures on the internet to explain the process of it. It happens every month and last up to 4 to 5 days. These things will help the girl to prepare mentally for the process without much fear.

Educate about the usage of pads or tampons

You must also teach your daughter to use the pads or tampons during her periods. Otherwise she will stain her dress during that time. She can use anyone of them, depending upon the comfort. For the first 2 or 3 years of the menstrual cycle, it is good to use the pads. You can tell them, that during the early stage their pelvis and vaginal canal are still growing and it will be difficult for them to use tampons. Explain your daughter about the usage of the tampons, when she gets older.

Talk about premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

This syndrome causes physical and emotional changes. You must inform your girl child about it, so that she won’t be panicked much about it. Irritation, breast tenderness, tension, mood swings, and cramps are some of the symptoms that a girl normally has to go through. You can educate her about the early symptoms of period that will indicate the start of the period. There are different symptoms that vary depending upon the body.

Girls normally get embarrassed and are scared during this time. It is thus important to encourage them, so that they can overcome any fear. Breast development and growth of the pubic hair is the first sign that she will start menstruating within 1 or 2 years. Finally, you must ensure that she does not feel apprehensive about menstruation.

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