How To Lead An Active Sex Life After Mastectomy?

Mastectomy is a surgery that is done to remove the infected breast. It is done to prevent the cancer from spreading to other parts. After the treatment, some of them are affected psychologically such as low self-esteem, low desire for sex and poor body image. It is good to have a positive attitude to heal the emotional and physical pain. This attitude will help you to be active and also healthy.

Breast is termed as the most attractive part of a woman. It is one of the main elements for sexual arousal in men. Some women fear that, they would be ignored by the partner, after the removal of the breast. In order to avoid it, some of them opt for reconstructive surgery. Even though it looks like a real one, it feels completely different.

How to deal with mastectomy?

Many of the breast cancer survivors think that mastectomy will end their sex life, but it is not so. They worry about their sexual relationship with their partner. Touching or feeling the breast and nipple will help the women to get aroused. Losing it may cause emotional trauma. However, mastectomy will not affect your sex much, but you must be more conscious than before.

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You can find the best sexual position after the treatment. Communication is a vital thing that will solve half of the problem. This therapy may change your feeling towards your body. The breast is not the only vital thing while love making and you can look for other options also to keep your sex life active. Stay positive and attend counseling to solve the problem smoothly.

After mastectomy

Women who have undergone mastectomy surgery find that sex is uncomfortable. It is because of the post surgery pain. The partner must also understand the trauma, which she is undergoing and must be caring and supportive. You can discuss the problem openly with your partner and he may be able to understand you. You can also enjoy more intimacy by kissing and cuddling. You can also visit a sex therapist and he/she will guide you in better ways.

Tips for mastectomy victim

Postoperative counseling is vital for such kind of people and many support groups is helping women to overcome this problem. You can discuss your problem with them and they will help you to deal with the circumstances effectively. The counselor also conveys the message that she can have sex as before and mastectomy is not the end of sex life.

You must also take your partner for this counseling session and the tips given by the counselor will help you to lead a normal sex life. You can also talk to the people who have undergone this type of treatment earlier and they will free you from the trauma that you are experiencing. Good communication will aid in easing any kind of situation. Your partner must also assist you during the hospital stay, so that he will be able to understand your needs. In general, discuss all the issues related to mastectomy with your partner, which can provide you the right solution.

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