How To Give Total Body Sex For A Man?

As a woman, you should know how to please your man in bed and make every session very interesting. In order to turn him sexually high, you need to do more than the oral sex. You must also know the art to excite a man in different ways. Massaging in the erogenous zones will definitely will turn his mood on. You can find out his likes and dislikes and please him accordingly.

Understanding the male sexuality will help to bring him to orgasm. Men are always focused on ejaculating rather than the process of lovemaking. Giving amazing pleasure will enable a man to have multiple orgasms. In the beginning of the climax, he will sense the sexual pleasure and in the end ejaculation accompanies the final orgasm.

Sensual massage

Sensual massage will increase the closeness between the couples. You must know how to give sexual massage to him to stimulate his feelings towards you. Use your fingers to move around his sensitive parts. Massaging from head to toe will arouse him to go into the bedroom. You can move your index finger around the edges of his lips and it will elicit strong surges of pleasure in him.

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Caressing his neck with your finger and tongue tip increases his sex drive. Moving the fingertip around the Adam’s apple in a circular motion gives him different pleasure. You can also massage his throat with your lips. Blowing mildly into his ears, gently massaging his scalp area and passionately kissing on his lips will intensify his sexual pleasure. Erogenous zones contain more nerve ending makes him to respond to your touch.

Arouse his sexual desire

The great way to initiate your sexual activity is by giving an erotic massage all over his body. It is also one of the best ways to get closer to him. The nipple is tagged as a sensitive area, licking, and moving your fingertip will arouse his sexual desire greatly. Give him a total body sex until he is completely satisfied by your act. You can also rub your bare body with his back and use your nails to stimulate his belly button and back. You must also remember that, men always prefer rough and tougher action than gentle ones.

Erogenous zones

His lower part of the body responds to your touch quicker than any other part. Slowly crawl your finger to the upper thigh part and start giving sensual massage. Since it is closer to the penis, your partner responds to your touch at once. You can gently squeeze his genitals until it erect. You can assume that your man in his full mood and enjoy the sex in different position and style.

There are not any rules to stimulate your man and both can sense the pleasure in different ways. You can start caressing him from the part he likes and it is not necessary to start from head to toe. You can please him in whichever way he prefers and don’t miss out to massage his erogenous zones such as tummy, scalp, armpits, behind the knees, inner thighs, and butt cheeks.

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