Low Female Libido Causes Are Always Fewer Than Its Cures

What sparked with the perfect chemistry, might find its end due to few physical or psychological issues. In the modern hectic and tough lifestyle, innumerable are the low female libido causes.

Making love not only boosts up the essence of togetherness in a relationship, rather it is also the most pleasurable experience both the partners can have. However libido mismatches especially due to low libido in females has made it just a matter of embarrassment and an obliged participation.

It’s mainly the physical and psychological causes that kill the sexual drives in women. However, at times both the factors too can together make a woman sexually numb and cold.

Physical aspects for low female libido causes can be numerous, of which few are most usual. Vaginal dryness, obesity, hormonal imbalances, surgery, non sexual diseases such as diabetes, alcoholism, drug abuse, medications specifically tranquilizers, lactation session, and pregnancy are the common o nes. Anemia too is a pivotal factor for libido loss, and so is the common reason of iron deficiency that makes women feel less sexual during their periods.

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Post childbirth sessions also incur low libidos in women. Although not completely proven, but the hormonal changes inside them, has certain links with this coolness in a woman. Moreover, the childbirth trauma also has a great role to play in this concern for which she doesn’t even want to think about sex in such an exhausted state. Another effective but rare cause for low female libido is Hyperprolactinaemia, a disorder in which one’s pituitary gland becomes overactive.

Although having sex may just seem a physical act to many, but undeniable is the fact that an active participation of mind too is immensely needed for the process. An active psychological or mental state of both the partners is indispensably required. So are the psychological factors that are among the low female libido causes.

Stress, overwork, depression, low self esteem, job pressure, anxiety, traumatic incidences like rape, sexual abuses in past life, and numerous more of such emotional factors may hinder a woman’s interest in having sex. Besides, homosexuality in females or lesbianism also has a great negative impact on a woman’s sex drive.

Above all, the most significant cause that can hinder a lady’s interest in making love with her partner is a serious issue in relationship. She will never surrender herself completely and participate actively in such a scenario. In other words she will never be present physically either, if she is not there mentally. If that is the case, and if the problem is actually rooted within your relationship, then the only way to boost up your sex life is to sort out this problem. Try out yourself, discuss with each other, visit a counselor, or take help online, but sort it out as soon as possible.

As many are the low female libido causes, more than that are the therapies to resolve those. No matter which one you trust and choose from the numerous herbal ways, chemical products, specific exercises, a psychiatrist or a counselor. You can always get the most effective therapy for a low libido, and can jump back to the fun and excitations.

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