5 Natural Remedies To Reviving Sex Drive In Women

Women, just like men, suffer from severe sexual dysfunctions. But unlike men whose symptom manifests as a flaccid phallus - unable to erect, women’s symptoms are hard to notice. They experience low drive, vaginal dryness as well as painful intercourse.

If you suffer from any of the above, your desire to engage in sexual intercourse is negatively impacted. To mitigate against the negative effects these factors may have on your relationship, it’s prudent to seek remedial measures. Getting natural remedies is one of the most effective methods of reviving your sex drive.

Besides promptly curing the low libido, natural corrections do not manifest any long-term side effects usually linked to pharmaceutical intervention. Below are five natural remedies for improving your sexual drive.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo is a tubular root extract found mostly in South East Asia. The usually white tube turns red when boiled and dried. It works by stimulating metabolism that improves alertness and mitigates against adverse menopausal effects on women.

By dilating the blood vessels, this root extract releases antioxidants that relieve stress and relax the body, triggering heightened sexual excitement that leads to the arousal of the feminine organs and virility. A research done found out the 70% of sexual dysfunction patients recorded a marked increase in sexual drive after eight weeks of taking the Asian Ginkgo biloba supplement.


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The bark from the plant MairaPuama is well known for its aphrodisiac properties. By increasing blood flow to the female sex organs and clearing the toxic free radical in the bloodstream, it works well in increasing the sexual drive in women.

CatuabaBiloba (Yohimbe)

Catuaba evergreen tropical plants are indigenous trees in Brazil. Similar trees known as Yohimbe are commonly found in West Africa. Their barks are potent in stimulating blood flow to the genitals as well as increasing sex drive. When peeled and boiled, the concoction made out of this bark is highly effective in resuscitating stamina and stimulating sex drive not only in women but also in the male.


Damiana vines are also referred to as the Old Woman’s leaves are common in Mexico and Texas. These strong sweet-smelling scents but bitter-tasting leaves are revered due to their aphrodisiac properties. They work by improving digestion, treating constipation, relieving anxiety and funnelling oxygen to the genitals.

The leaves may be burned and the ensuing smoke inhaled to stimulate the sex organs. Another way of consuming it is through boiling it in water and consuming the brew as a tea. It works by secreting additional testosterone which is a hormone responsible for boosting the sex drive.

Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA)

Another effective natural sex drive remedy occurs naturally in some fruits, soy and wild yams. They contain chemical diosgenin which can be processed by the adrenal glands to produce DHEA - part of cholesterol. Apart from ironing out depression, it increases bone density and muscle mass as well as burning excess body fats.

These properties clear the bloodstream leading to engorged sexual organs. Further, it facilitates increased blood flow to this area, and hence endurance which effectively enhances the sex drive in women. The high potent extract stimulates intense sexual activity that culminates in sexual confidence and big orgasm.

You should, therefore, not let low libido affect your treasured relationship. Include any of these effective natural remedies in your diet for increase sexual drive and realize a fruitful intimacy.

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