Low Female Libido Can Be Treated Effectively In Numerous Ways

Although there have been innumerable reasons for strains in different relationships, mismatch in libidos have always been one of the significant triggers for the same. Quite rare are the low libidos cases with males, but higher are the cases of low female libido due to diversified factors.

Generally physical causes only can suppress a man’s desire, but on the other hand diversified can be the causes when it comes to females. Primarily it’s due to physical, psychological or emotional reasons, but both can too altogether lead to a numb, cold woman. Above all, the root cause obviously is the present scenario of hectic and pressured lifestyle that has taken the fun out of the Generation X folks.

Obesity, few non sexual diseases, hormonal imbalances, drug abuse, alcoholism, vaginal dryness, fatigue, painful lovemaking, surgery, diabetes, medications particularly tranquilizers, and several more are among the prime physical reasons for low female libido. Anemia can be one of the very significant factors for the same, due to iron deficiency. Also if periods cause great iron loss in them, there are chances of libido loss. Be it the hormonal changes or the pain as the cause, but there are observed post baby coolness in women when they refrain themselves from even thinking of sex.

Psychological or emotional factors for low libidos are many like depression, stress, job pressure, low self-esteem, anxiety, traumatic instances like rape, past sexual abuse, overwork, latent lesbianism, serious issues in relationships and numerous more.

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As far as natural remedies are concerned, there are few of the herbal products that can have immense enhancing impacts on a female’s libido. Among those few noteworthy ones are Shatavari, Provestra, Swarnapatra, and Hersolution which are proven for enhancing libido, sensations, rejuvenating, boosting stamina and energy, and also enhancing fertility. Other natural herbs of great significances in such concerns are Roseroot, Maca, Catuba, Kesar, Bang Bhasma, Eleuthero, and Ashwagandha.

Hormonal therapies like Testosterone and Estrogen therapies are well illustrious for treating effectively low female libido. Through Estrogen therapy secretion of Estrogen hormone, the one responsible for sexual characteristics in female is enhanced using a pill, patch or gel. Many other factors too like vaginal dryness are easily resolved with it. One is strictly instructed to refrain herself from any alcohol consumptions or drug abuse during such therapies, and also in daily life if she has low libido issues.

Numerous are the effective ways for the treatment of low female libido. Undoubtedly, these assure a great boost to your sex life, and essence of new spice to it. However, these effective treatments can never combat the issue, if it’s actually rooted in your relationship difficulties. Think about the cause. If it actually lies in your relationship, try to sort it out together, or consult a counselor, or you can even utilize the online available psychiatrists.

Besides all, keeping oneself physically and mentally fit, energized, and in a complete healthy state, have the most pivotal contribution to great libido in female. So exercise daily to enhance your stamina and elevate your mood, eat healthy diets especially rich in vitamin B and E, and most significantly retain the fun, love, and chemistry with your partner.

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