4 Steps To Deal With Loss Of Libido During Post Menopause

Loss of libido could upset you in different ways and you should be well prepared to deal with this condition which most of the time is associated with post menopause. With the loss of libido, you will experience a slow down in your sexual emotions with lack of passion and desire to feel pleasure and unity with your partner.

You must be fully aware during the transitioning phase of your body to best understand how effectively you can better address the issues that you are confronting in your sexual life. Without a strong libido, you cannot achieve your sexual desires and will never achieve satisfaction while having sex with your partner.

There are different remedies that you can adopt for loss of libido, four of which are discussed below.

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  • Stress and anxiety is the major trigger in the loss of libido and you must avoid getting tense in your daily activities before you can achieve your desired goals. You must try to consume supplements and phytoestrogenic teas to help your body in relieving stress.

  • You can also seek the help of different herbs in your everyday life like clover, dong quai and black cohosh to improve your libido and improve your sexual conditions. Increase the use of garlic in your daily life as a remedy to boost your libido because it contains allicin and helps in increasing blood flow in the body and vagina. It is also commonly known that dark chocolate can also be used to stimulate blood flow in the human body and increase your sexual desires by prolonging your sex time.

  • If you feel vaginal dryness and lack of lubrication of the vagina due to irritation and infection, you must adopt natural lubricants like coconut oil to stimulate lubrication in your vaginal areas. It would be helpful to improve your sexual desires by reducing any side effects and you will feel great during sexual intercourse with your partner. In order to get the maximum result after using coconut oil lubrication for your vaginal areas, you must keep yourself active and healthy by eating natural foods.

    You must eat the desired amount of carbohydrates and minerals with eight to ten glasses of water daily to help improve your vaginal dryness and by so doing, your sexual desires. Never be shy and spend a lot of time in the bedroom with your partner because shyness on this matter could reduce your libido and decrease your sexual desires. Sex is considered to be the number one way by which you can improve the functionality of your body. Natural remedies would be helpful to improve your experience with your partner by eating fresh natural diets.

  • In order to improve your libido, you must alter your lifestyle to keep your mind and soul healthy. When you are not in the mood for sex, you must never show negative emotions to your partner and keep communicating with him. You must adopt continuous physical activities to improve your libido not only on weekly basis but also on daily basis. It will improve the quality of your mind, keep you healthy and improve your sexual sensations. If you have a strong cardio, you will experience remarkable improvements in your body and mind. With increased endorphin level, you will feel happy sexually with improved balance, strength and flexibility in your body.

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