Correlation between Emotional Stress and Your Libido

Are you suffering from low libido levels and not getting the urge to fulfill your partner’s sexual desires. This is definitely a serious matter to ponder over on. Emotional stress such as anxiety, depression or emotional turmoil can have a negative impact on your sexual life.

Trying to Understand the causes of Low Libido in Women

Many scientists and researchers have brainstormed and conducted researches and surveys to understand the root cause of low libido in women. It is easier for men to get horny most of the times. All they need is some good porn and they are good to go.

One such research conducted by researchers was questioning women of different age groups facing low libido issues. Such women were asked to talk about what was disturbing them and based on their experiences, researchers were able to come to a conclusion that the main factor affecting women was stress.

A happy and carefree woman will definitely be in for some romantic time with their partner. If your partner is shying away from sex or finds excuses to avoid sex, you might need to talk it out with her and get to the root cause of her problems. If you are a woman, then you might want to take your partner into confidence and discuss your issue with them.

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Stress Management - A Healthy Practice

All is not lost when it comes to getting your sexual life back on track with your partner. All you have to do is try to manage your stress. This can be done in the following ways:

  • Indulge in deep breathing exercises such as mediation or yoga

  • Sleep for at least 8 hours. Early to bed, early to rise, makes you healthy, wealthy and wise

  • Eat proper nutrition such as a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, cereals and meat

  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay away from smoking and alcohol consumption

  • Many people tend to overeat when stressed. This can lead to obesity and other health issues

Revive Libido Levels in Women

Now that you have learnt to control your stress levels, the next most important thing to do is try and improve your libido levels. It is not so difficult. Take some time off from your day to day activities and plan a romantic getaway with your partner.

If you have younger kids, you can have your neighbors or relatives looking after them for the weekend. Spend some time with each other and familiarize yourselves with each other’s pleasure points. Indulge in a lot of foreplay.

Take a shower together or even better go in for a sensual massage. Light some scented candles and pop up some wine or champagne and you are good to go. Lather each other up with scented bath oils or soap and use a wash cloth or sponge to wipe it off.

While doing so, ensure that you pay attention to your partner’s erogenous zones. The temperature in the bathroom is sure to warm up a notch or too.

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